Best Pull-Up Bars

Best Pull-Up BarsPull up bars are certainly amongst the most efficient and cost-effective training tools you can get if you want to train yourself at home. Do you want to save some money on your gym subscription or you are simply not the type to work out at a gym amongst other people? If so, then you can always tone your body and train your muscles in the intimacy of your home, by simply investing in some high-quality training equipment. Here you will find the top 10 best pull-up bars reviews:

10. The Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar

Available on Amazon for only $29.77, the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar is designed for complete and efficient upper body workout. The bar is adjustable so that it meets the standard door frames, it comes with patented wide handles designed to prevent the door frame from getting scratched, it is very easy to install and it requires no drilling whatsoever – you can install and uninstall this pull-up bar within minutes.

9. The Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Pull Up Bar

This is a ceiling mounted pull up bar by Ultimate Body Press and it is sold on Amazon for just $91.11. This is a gym quality bar that is designed to be easily installed at home, it comes with a gun metal gray powder coated finish, it is made from sturdy and durable heavy duty steel and it also comes with padded foam grips as well as knurled steel underneath them. This is a great pull up bar for those who are willing to invest in professional, gym-quality equipment.

8. The Yes4All Deluxe Pull Up Bar

This is a deluxe pull up bar that is perfect for extreme home fitness programs as well as for different other exercises. This is one of the best bars of its kind, given he fact that it is made of heavy duty, resistant steel and it is very thick as well. However, it must be said that the Yes4All Deluxe Pull Up Bar is mainly aimed at doors that have a solid structure and that can support the user weight and movements.

7. The Definity HHP-001

This is a pair of pull up bars that can be purchased for the affordable price of just $8.68 – the bars come with chrome plated push up holders, it comes with covered handles for extra comfort and it also contains slip resistant foam. Also, the Definity HHp-001 comes with hard rubber footpads that add to its stability – the pull up bar is designed to improve your position and to help you train your upper body in a fast, pleasant and efficient way. Also, the bar helps you train your back, shoulder and chest muscles.

6. The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Available in a beautiful black and chrome color, the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus by Stamina can be bought on Amazon for the affordable price of just $29.00. It comes with five different grip positions that allow you to properly tone your upper body muscles, the bar is made of heavy duty material and is of professional quality – besides that, it can also support a total of up to 250 pounds. The steel construction and the non slip comfort grips certainly add to the professionalism of this bar, which also happens to be very portable and easy to assembly and to remove from the door frame. The bar is perfect for sit ups, push ups, triceps, pull ups, dips and what not.

5. The Sunny Health And Fitness Door Way Chin Up

Available for the price of $19.76 on Amazon, this bar is made by Sunny Health And Fitness and it can be installed within seconds. The bar is designed to match almost any type of door frame and it is perfect for press ups, sit ups and a variety of other physical exercises.

4. The ProSource Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar

Made by ProSource and sold on Amazon for only $32.34, this is a heavy duty and easy to install gym pull up bar that is very portable and that comes with different multiple grip positions. Also, it has a slip-in design that makes it very versatile and perfect for fitting most door frames – you do not need any screws whatsoever! The high grade steel construction combined with the comfort grip technology have made this pull up bar very popular these days. Also, it has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds and it is perfect for exercising the abdominal muscles, the shoulders, the arms, the back as well as your chest.

3. Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Pull Up Bar

Made by Big Mike’s Fitness, this fitness deluxe doorway pull up bar comes with a price of $29.95, is has foam hand grips as well as adjustable lengths designed to fit doorways that are up to 36 inches wide. Also, the package comes with screw-in brackets for fast and efficient mounting, and the pull up bar can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

2. The Jfit Deluxe Doorway Pull Up Bar

Manufactured by Jfit and sold on Amazon for the affordable price of just $28.77, this pull up bar is both space effective and cost effective and it can help you get a complete and targeted upper body workout without the hassles. The pull up bar is designed to hold up to 250 pounds of weight, it has a sturdy steel construction for the best support and it can also expand to up to 40 inches in width. Also, it is perfect for chin ups and for pull ups.

1. The Iron Gym Total Body Workout Bar

The number one on the list is certainly the Iron Gym Total Body Workout Bar by Iron Gym. Available for the affordable price of only $30.78, this pull up bar certainly offers the best price per quality ratio, it is perfect for a variety of exercises from chin ups and push ups to pull ups, crunches and dips and it comes with three different grip positions as well. Moreover, this involves on a leverage system to hold the bar against the doorway, therefore you do not need to worry about any screws or damage brought to your door. This is by far the best multi function training bar for getting a sculpted body and improving your strength – besides, it has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds of weight.

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