Best Portable Vaporizers

Best Portable VaporizersVaporizers are compact yet functional household and travel accessories that help to keep the environment fresh and relaxing by diffusing essential oils and even scents in homes and offices. Most models are durable, have innovative plug and use design, and have power efficient systems that offer users value for years while keeping power consumption low at the same time. If you appreciate the value of a vaporizer and want an efficient and portable model that will serve you for years, our picks of the 10 best include:

10. Crane Warm Steam Vaporizer

Featuring an aesthetic pink body and a compact one-gallon design that offers users value for years, this warm steam vaporizer by crane is a top of the line accessory that works well in homes and hotels. It is USA-made, very easy to setup and use, and has a bacteria/ contaminants-free system that will help you to breath easily and enjoy a restful night’s sleep whenever you lay down to rest. This vaporizer works whisper-quiet. Its removable tank is very easy to clean, while its ability to effectively humidify small to medium-sized rooms and lower the risk of nose bleeds, sinus irritation, and dry soughs makes it a valuable accessory. At full capacity, Crane works for up to 15 continuous hours. You also get an auto shutoff safety feature.

9. Vicks V1700

Judging by the positive attention that Vicks V1700 has attracted in top 10 best portable vaporizers in 2017 reviews, there is no doubt that it by far is one of the best in this niche. Its compact mini plug-in design, for instance, resonates well with individuals who travel often. Its waterless design works well with several types of VapoPads, while its soft glowing nightlight and the comforting menthol scent that it generates guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep in homes and hotels. Vicks V1700 is affordable, very easy to setup and use, and woks efficiently for up to eight hours per VapoRub pad.

8. Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors

Do you have bronchitis or a natural or respiratory condition? Are you on the market for a new vaporizer that you can use to sooth your condition and enjoy a restful night’s rest when sleeping? Vicks Soothing Vapors is an advanced waterless vaporize with a light and portable design that lasts long. It is affordable, has a high efficiency design that generates up to 16 hours-worth of vapor per filling, and has an adjustable scent intensity that you can use to customize performance. When relaxing, therefore, you can easily adjust its intensity up and down to attain your desired effect. Off the shelf, you also get one UL-certified plug and four refill pads to start with.

7. Vicks Waterless Vaporizer

Perfect for bedside use and regular travel, this vaporizer by Vicks is a durable and portable waterless design that does not leak nor need refills to use. As most high-end models, it features a soothing night light that comes in handy when sleeping. Its silent ultrasonic technology operates efficiently without irritating users, while the 3 adjustable strength setting offered allows you to customize the strength of vapor produced to match needs. You get five ready-to-use scent pads each with an 8-hour capacity.

6. Sunbeam 1388-800-001

Although filter-free, Sunbeam 1388-800-001 is a high-performance warm steam vaporizer that doubles as a humidifier. It is durable, has an aesthetic white plastic construction, and has a large 1-gallon tank that is easy to refill and clean when dirty. Its manual system is easy to use. The 28-hours run time that users get is impressive, while the stainless steel electrodes that it comes with not only last long, but also heat fast, efficiently, and quietly.

5. Vicks Nursery Vaporizer

Recommended for soothing babies in nurseries and adults in bedrooms, people who buy this Vicks Nursery Vaporizer get a high-performance one-gallon accessory with an integrated night light that soothes well. It has a stylish white theme that blends well in homes. The bacteria-free steam that it generates is perfect for relieving flu and cold symptoms, while auto shutoff feature turns it off automatically once its tank runs dry. This lowers the risk of overheating, fires, and other health hazards in homes. You also get an integrated steam guard for added safety and a three-year warranty.

4. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Durable, portable, and with a durable 100mL essential oil tank, InnoGear is an innovative aromatherapy diffuser with a quiet ultrasonic technology that users consider invaluable. Its affordable, safe for home use, and has colored LED lights that mirror its status whilst in use. It also generates a soothing cool mist, has a lovely fragrance that relieves stress, and is one of the most recommended diffusers for masking bad odors in homes.

3. Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

Featured in several top 10 best portable vaporizers in 2017 reviews, this Personal Steam Inhaler vaporizer by Mabis is a durable plastic accessory with a sleek and vibrant white and purple design that blends well in homes. The natural steam that it generates is perfect for relieving inflammation and health effects associated with respiratory congestion. The adjustable steam controlled offered works well, while the convenient aromatherapy tray it comes with allows you to add oils and healing scents for best results.

2. URPOWER 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Featuring an authentic wood grain construction, a whisper quiet system, and four timer settings (including auto shutoff), URPOWER is a portable 300mL capacity essential oil diffuser, perfect for use in homes. It is sturdy, diffuses oils and aromas efficiently, and has a powerful ultrasonic system that generates ultra-fine and scented mist that refreshes bedrooms and or livening areas measuring up to 269 square feet. URPOWER runs efficiently for up to 10 hours. It also generates 7 soothing colours for various moods.

1. Remedies Ultrasonic Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

A stylish teardrop-shaped ultrasonic humidifier that doubles as a perfect aroma diffuser, Remedies tops our list of the best in 2016. It is affordable, generates soothing cool mist with scent if needed, and has a large 2.8-litre tank that is easy to refill and clean when dirty. It also has a colored LED lights (seven) that you can choose to match your mood, a compact and portable design that will benefit you indoors and outdoors, and a well-made control knob that you can use to customize flow to match your room size.

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