Best Portable Power Banks

Best Portable Power BanksThe increasing use of portable gadgets and device has made it necessary to look for portable power bank chargers to keep them charged even while moving out of your office or home. Your gadget can be useless for you if you do not any recharging arrangement with you, your own or borrowed from someone else. Information about some of the top 10 best portable power bank chargers in 2017 is provided hereunder to help you in choosing a suitable one for you.

10. KMASHI 2800mAh Flashlight Portable Power Bank Battery Charger

This micro battery charger with USB offers external backup for the Apple iPhones and smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola etc. It is available in two color variants black and hot pink to choose as per your choice. The portable design of this battery charger allows you to use it easily to power up your gadgets stylishly. Its USB port allows you to charge of your iPhone and smartphone quickly. The 2800mAh external battery flashlight of this unique battery charger can be used through its ultra-high density battery cells.

9. Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 with Bulk Packaging

The attached micro USB with this universal charging system allows you to charge all of the Android devices. This Motorola battery charger is available in white black and red colors to choose from as per your liking. You can also use it for charging various devices at a time through its multiple ports. It is a green portable power bank charger as it is made of certified carbon free materials. The power left in the charger can be known through the 4 LEDs provided on it.

8. Portable High Capacity Dual-Port External Battery Pack Power Bank Backup Charger

This power bank charger has been introduced by Minzos for Smartphones. It allows you to charge your device even when you do not have any wall outlet to recharge it. The compact, small and sleek design of this external battery charger amazingly contains power backup of 12,000 mAh to allow you to recharge your tablets, phones, mp3 players and digital cameras conveniently and quickly even where a power output point is not available. The powerful LED flashlight on VoltSaf’s wonderful power bank does not let you in dark due to this bonus feature.

7. Capdase Power Cruizer Battery Pack

This power bank can be used for recharging almost all of the electronic devices as along with a pin for Apple devices it also has mini USB and USB ports to recharge the devices of other companies. In this way its power can be used to recharge any of the smartphones and other portable devices. Its compact design allows you to carry it anywhere you want. The LED indicator on this power bank allows you to know the charge left on it while charging your device. The charge on this power bank is enough for listening music for 36 hours, viewing videos for 9 hours, talk to your friends for 8 hours and use internet for 5 hours.

6. RAVPower Portable Charger

This external power charger holds 10400mAh charge to recharge any of the iPhones, smartphones and other portable devices through its dual USB output ports. It is available in white and black colors to suit almost all of the devices. You can recharge most of the device for four to five times with this portable power bank charger. The lightweight and compact design of this battery charger makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. It can be used for more than 500 recharge cycles due to the reliable lithium polymer core used in it.

5. Belkin Power Pack 2000

You can easily carry away this decent looking charger due to its compact design and light weight. Its 2000 mAh battery charge can be used for recharging the smartphones of almost all of the companies. It can also be used to provide additional talk time for 5-20 hours as well as enjoying music for 20-100 hours while you are camping out where no power plug is available. Bluetooth headset, mobile phone, digital cameras and MP3 can be recharged at a time with this power bank.

4. Anker Astro 3E 10000mAh Portable Charger with Dual USB

This power bank can also be used to recharge a number of devices including smartphones, iPhones and other portable devices from various companies. This battery charger is available in universal black color to suit to any device perfectly. Its light weight allows you to carry it anywhere you go without dedicating much space and effort. You can know about the charge left on it through its LED indicators. The reliable lithium polymer core used in it allows you to use it for long time without any stress.

3. POWER MAX from Portable Power Solutions

The 10,000 mAh on this Solar Charger from Portable Power Solutions allows you to recharge a number of digital devices on the way. The 1.5W Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel of this Black colored power bank allows you to recharge most of the smartphones through its spacious internal battery. It also allows you to recharge yr devices for long hours as it does not need electric power to recharge itself as it uses solar energy for this purpose. You can charge two USB powered devices through it at a time.

2. LB1 High Performance New Emergency Power Bank

LB1 High Performance has introduced this 2200mAh mini power bank to recharge most of the portable wireless devices while on move. You can use the USB cable of your device to recharge it again and again through this power bank. Its light weight and compact design allows you to carry it anywhere you go and enjoy your digital devices uninterruptedly for long time.

1. Nokia DC-16 Universal Portable USB Charger

Along with its compact and good looking design this power bank device offers you 2200mAh external power backup to your portable wireless devices. The power store din it can be used for nearly three months, according to Nokia. It can be used comfortably in any season as it is made in vibrant colors from waterproof materials.

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