Best Office Desk Lamps

Best Office Desk LampsEveryone likes to personalize his workspace in one way or another by getting various productivity tools and even a lamp can change the aspect completely. Office desk lamps are probably the most disregarded accessories to a desk but that does not mean they are not important. It is not only convenient but also productive to be able to work using proper lighting.

Even reading is much more relaxing if the lamp is of high quality. Out of the thousands of office desk lamps available only 10 made it to the list of products worth looking at. With no other future delay here is the list of the top 10 best office desk lamps in 2017 reviews.

10. Trademark Home 72-0813 Sunlight Desk Lamp

The Trademark desk lamp is a modern looking and functional lamp that provides moderate lighting for the office space. It delivers 1300 lumens with the stock light bulb and generates 6500K kelvin temperature. The name of the lamp comes from the fact that the light is very bright and according to the manufacturers it is just like turning on the Sun. It is inexpensive and has an ergonomic design with a flexible arm and a minimalistic look. In other words it is a great lamp that is affordable and looks great on a desk.

9. Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Everyone remembers those old swing arm desk lamps from the movies. They look great and have a certain appeal to them. The Boston Harbor is a compact lamp with a slick body that resembles the old architect swing lamps. It is completely black and comes with a 60 watt bulb that not only it needs lees power but also provides enough light. The maximum height it can be adjusted to is 26 inch. The lamp holder comes with an on/off switch and can be rotated.

8. LEDwholesalers 3-level Dimmable Touch Switch Folding LED Desk Lamp

The past few years made more and more LED products popular especially due to their low power consumption. The LEDwholesales lamp uses LED light bulbs which make it one of the favorite picks for the ones that need an environmental friendly lamp. The 7 watt light bulb is enough to provide decent lighting. It has an ergonomic design with foldable parts and a 3-step touch dimming control. It also uses anti glare technology that recommends it for people that plan to use it when reading from a tablet or laptop.

7. Saicoo Natural Light LED Desk Lamp

The Saicoo is yet another lamp that uses LED lighting. One of the features that makes this technology so popular is the size of such a lamp. They can be designed to be slimmer and more ergonomic. Such is the case with the Saicoo lamp which is extremely thin and can be folded to take up even less storage space. It has a 3 level light spectrum adjustment and a built in touch control. Due to its flexible design the lamp can be used for almost any kind of activity that requires lighting.

6. SE FL89012L 12 LED Table Lamp

The SE lamp is probably the cheapest one that money can buy. It might not look as good as the rest of the models in this top 10 but it does compensate its design with a really low price. It uses 12 LED lights that provide natural lighting to avoid stressing the human eye and consume less electricity than a regular lamp. The LED lights are also much more reliable as they are guaranteed to function for at least 100.000 hours. It has a pivoting head and a basic on and off switch.

5. Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light

The Ivation Gooseneck Clip Light is not a traditional desk lamp. It has a simple yet convenient clip system that makes it easy to attach it to the desk and thus saves space. The net is completely flexible which means once fixed it does not need to be unclipped and switched to a new position. The light is provided by 7 bright LED bulbs that provide natural light and have low energy costs. It can be powered by batteries, USB or a wall power plug.

4. Boston Harbor Flexible Desk Lamp

The Boston Harbor is an inexpensive lamp that provides basic functionality. It does not have any fancy design or advanced lighting technology. It is as basic as a lamp can get and this is why the price is so low. It is inexpensive and uses a simple 60 watt light bulb that can be changed by the user and comes painted in black. The maximum height of the lamp reaches 12 inches.

3. Boston HARBOR Swing Arm Adjustable Table Lamp

Boston Harbor’s swing arm lamp is a bit unconventional for some. It’s design allows it to change position only horizontally but seems like less of an inconvenient when looking at how it was build and the quality of the product. The body of the lamp is completely made out metal while the share is made of fabric and has chromed elements on the edges. It is a well built lamp that can provide optimal reading light.

2. Saicoo LED Desk Lamp With USB Charging Ports

The Saicoo desk lamp manages to fulfill two roles at the same time due to its clever design. It can be used as a desk lamp and USB hub that can charge other devices or just connect them to a computer. It is made mostly out of plastic materials and uses eco-friendly LED lights that can provide natural light that does not stress the eyes when reading. As an additional feature, the manufacturers added brightness control that provides 3 light intensity levels.

1. OxyLED T100 Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

The design of the OxyLED T100 might not be new or innovative but the quality of build and functionality makes it one of the better desk lamps. The neck is completely flexible and the entire body is painted in black making it an elegant and simple lamp. Lighting is provided by LED lights which protect the eyes from fatigue when reading and need less power making it also eco-friendly. The T100 has earned its spot on the podium as one of the best desk lamps.

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