Best Massage Chairs

Best Massage ChairsA good massage is something everyone would love to experience from time to time. It is more important, particularly after hours of work during the day. Massage salons and spas have been the typical places where massage services are offered, but with the increasing demand to work more hours, many have little chance of visiting these spas. Massage chairs offer the best alternative to give a relaxing home massage to persons with tight work schedule who are in dire need to relieve their muscles.

Here is a list of 2016’s best massage chairs as reviewed both by expert engineers and customers:

10. New Shiatsu Recliner Chair Bed EC-69

This new 2016 massage chair version of the Shiatsu series starts the list at number ten due to its positive reviews and efficiency in stress relief. It is designed using the latest robotic technologies with massage hands that work up and down to provide a calming effect. The features that outline this unique device include four pre-set modes of massage, lumbar and neck section heating system; foot and leg massage capabilities, and adjustable massage hands among others. It is currently priced at $649. For more information visit the link below.

9. Urban Panasonic EP- MA10KU Massage Chair

This design from Panasonic exhibits 44 different massage setting combined with the four preset options for speed; Swedish, back, shoulder and neck. It is a new product with a three way foot massager, 12 airbags for leg massage and 7-illuminated color remote control. It uses ancient Chinese technique for neck massage and has a price tag of $1883.94. For more information visit

8. New Princes Shiatsu Zero Gravity (Heated Massage Chair)

This is another new introduction the shiatsu family currently priced at $1,499. This ultimate beauty has several integrated features that include but are not limited to full body massage including buttocks, zero gravity effectively rotational and flexible to 180 degrees like a bed, humanized massage hands, 24 different massage types, Infrared heating system, 36 airbags foe waist and arms. It is offered with a 10 year warranty.

7. HT-125 Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair

This is one of the most creative designs of 2016 with fashionable leather beneath which are massage hands. Priced at $2799, the HT has advanced features of robotics system to perform an effective massage like real humans. It simply does what it is told and some of its features include four system modes of rolling, kneading, percussion and compression, pre-programmable massage system, foot rest, back rest Joystick among others.

6. Forever Rest Deluxe Supreme Series True Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with HIP TWIST Technology

This recliner chair is the exact definition of zero- gravity and has added specs like full touch LCD screen for easy control, mp3 player, in built speakers and heating systems, enhanced arm massage, 4 wheel-driven massage hands that are easily adjustable, rolling feet massage, 74 airbags among other features. It is priced at $3,149.00 and rated one of the best 2016 massage chairs.

5. U Divine OSIM App

This massage chair is currently priced at $4,599.00 due to its enhanced features that have increased stress relieving capabilities. It is one of the best massage chairs of 2016 with specifications such as human-like massage patterns and Bluetooth for a musical atmospheric relaxation. It is easy to download from iTunes using this feature which can synchronize to iPhones and iPods. Advanced technology simulating real life therapist with the human 3D is another beloved spec of this new chair.

4. Osaki 4000 Zero Gravity Executive

This is a definite combination of beauty and comfort. It is designed by Osaki and comes in white color. Priced at $5,895.00, Osaki 4000 is a new arrival in the market with functionalities of former massage chairs as well as added features that include S track flexible intelligent robot that focus on special parts of the neck and shoulder as to curve of the body, 6 unique auto-programmed systems of healthcare, therapy, relaxing, circulation and demonstration massage styles and an automated upper body massage that is shoulder, back and neck lumbar as well as the lower body buttock, calves, thigh and feet.

3. 6S iRobotics Ultimate Medical

This is a state of the art unique massage chair produced by Luraco Company in 2016. It is the first massage chair to be made and assembled in the US with features including;
Six automated full body massage modes, a US based real-time customer service that enables talking to a live attendant and total adjustable body massage intensities. Its price is $7,990.00 and comes in a black color. For more information on this massage chair, use the link below.

2. Inada Sogno Massage Chair Dreamwave

The ultimate number one massage chair in 2016 is undoubtedly Dreamwave Inada Sogno Massage Chair. Massage chairs have never witnessed anything as stylish with enhanced systems capable hugging and cradling services that have given it the best reviews. It is price at $8,069.99 only which befits the value for money for this generous chair that covers about 1200 square inches. It is fitted with figure-eight motion that impersonates the act of real life therapists. It flexes and extends the shoulders, hips and mid back section allowing for any size of person and has 8 pre programmed massage sequence to choose from.
It is large and appropriate for persons who want extended massage coverage. It uses Inada Dreamwave technology that is in- built and gives its users a realistic 1st class massage experience. For further information on specification and purchase, use this link.

1. Cyber-Relax Fujiiryoki EC-3800

This is absolutely the best massage chair of 2016. It is an addition to the other Cyber-Relax chairs made in Japan with features such as the four basic massage, 28 different massage techniques and 18 courses all automated, adjustable 12 levels of air pressure, 3 dimension navigation systems amongst others. It is outfitted using the KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system and a 3-foot rest system. The product has a warranty of 10 years and costs $14,500.00 only. For further information on specification and purchase, use this link.

The above Top 10 Best Massage Chairs in 2016 Reviews are the best because of their exciting features. Their durability, versatility and uniqueness makes them the best in the market.

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