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Best Rated Macbook Air Cases, Covers & Sleeves

Best Macbook Air CasesIf you are serious about protecting your expensive MacBook Air from unnecessary and unwanted damage resulted from random accidents such as scratch, dirt, bump and even drop, you must search for the right accessory to do that job for you.

To help you with that, we present to you a list of top 10 best MacBook Air sleeve case covers available to you on the market.



Mosiso Felt 13-13 Inch Laptop

This black sleeve case bag cover by Mosiso is a quality product, explicitly designed for your computer – MacBook.

It is made of thick fabric that will shield your elegant device from random drop and scratch effortlessly. It is also designed to have an additional pocket for you to keep other accessories such as cables, notepads and adapters.

Made to compatible with Apple products that are sized between 13 and 13 inch, this case is classy and affordable.

Cosmos Black Macbook 11 Neoprene Sleeve Case Bag Cover for Apple Macbook Air

This bag cover is expertly and simply designed for Apple MacBook Air that is 11 inch in size.

It is a premium product of Cosmos that can give you supreme protection from accidental scratch, unwanted dust and minor bump.

More than that, you can use the extra pocket to store some of your needed accessories easily and conveniently.

Case Logic Display Sleeve LAPS-113, 13-Inch, Black

This sleeve case bag is made for no other sizes of laptops, but a 13-inch MacBook of yours.

It will offer your MacBook comfort and easiness, so that it will stay elegant and classy to you.

This case can give you unrivaled protection from dust, scratch and other accidental bump. It is a simply reliable case for you as a MacBook user.

Runetz – 13-inch Chevron Gray Soft Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13

This case bag by Runetz is explicitly designed to work extremely well with your MacBook Air.

You will be rest assured that your beloved laptop will be protected from accidental scratch, bump and even drop.

It is no much difference from the previous product because this attractive sleeve case bag is made of quality materials that offer you durability and reliability.

Kayond new Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric 13-13 Inch laptop

Kayond is a trusted name on the market for sleeve case bag for MacBook.

So, this product of Kayond is uniquely designed with quality orientation to give you the best standard bag for your MacBook.

Made of canvas material, this product not only offers you great protection from dirt, scratch and bump; but also it is a real and long-lasting product that is environmentally friendly.


Inateck 13 Inch Macbook Air and MacBook Pro Retina Ultrabook Netbook Bag Envelope Case Cover Sleeve

This grey case bag by Inateck is professionally designed for your MacBook Air. It is made of synthetic leather that will provide you with security as it will protect your laptop from scratch, dust and bump.

There are three main rooms in this bag – one for your laptop, and the other two compartments for other accessories you might need.

It is more than just a quality product that is worth every cent of your money.

Runetz – 13-inch Chevron GRAY Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Pro 13

This Chevron grey sleeve case cover by Runetz can fit your MacBook Air easily and securely.

It will offer you highest protection from some accidental damage such as scratch, scrape, bump and even drop.

If you ever need a case that can provide your laptop with a slim fit, this case is the essential accessory that you must have in order to prevent some undesirable motion during your carrying.

AmazonBasics 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for a professional sleeve for your MacBook Air, this sleeve by AmazonBasics is a real choice for you.

It is super slim and light, so that you can either put it in your backpack or carry it separately easily and handily.

It is a classic, durable and affordable product for you.

PLEMO Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric 13-13 Inch Laptop

This canvas-made product by PLEMO Bohemian is designed exactly for your MacBook Air. It will protect your laptop from scrape, dirt, scratch and bump easily and professionally.

It is one of the thinnest cases that will not consume so much space of your bag when you put your laptop inside it.

It brings you a fashionable way to protect your stylish MacBook Air.

TopCase Zipper Sleeve Bag Cover Case for ALL Laptop 13 inch

This zipper sleeve cover case bag is a true companion for your MacBook Air. It is made of neoprene material that will give you a sense of comfortable touch and security.

It is more than just a bag that is just for your MacBook because it is also designed to have two extra rooms for other necessary accessories.

You will be totally amazed by its ability to withstand dirt, scratch and other random accidents.

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