Best Lawn Tractors

Best Lawn TractorsWhen choosing a new lawn mower, there are a number of options to consider, when the time comes to purchase. Depending on the size, power, and different features you are looking for, there is more than one mower that is going to do the job right. So, if you are searching for a top mower, these are the top 10 lawn tractors in 2016 to consider, when the time comes for you to decide on the ideal machine for purchase.

10. Troy Bilt TB230 (11-inch)

The self propelled system has a 3 in 1 design, allowing you to decide how to trim your grass clippings. It is set up as a mulcher, meaning you have to attach a discharge suit to eliminate any clippings; holding up to 1.9 bushels of grass, you can clip for quite some time, before emptying it out. Triaction cutting, and a 21 in deck is ideal for any sized lawn, and an adjustable deck allows you to decide the trim size when cutting.

9. Troy Bilt TB 130 (21-inch)

This is not self propelled, but is a manual start machine; 160 cc Honda engine, provides a powerful start for any job you have to complete. With a three position handle, you can maximize comfort when clipping, and a large cutting deck is ideal for trimming larger sections in the lawn. Three hand position settings allows you to easily find a comfortable setting, regardless of how long you are pushing the mower.

8. Troy Bilt B110

The self propelled 140 cc Briggs motor, is powerful enough to handle any sized job. A symmetrical deck, and simple release handle blade, makes it easy to adjust your cut height, with any propeller blade, and any location you are clipping grass. A 21 in cutting steel deck is large enough to tackle any yard, in a short period of time.

7. Toro Recycler 20333

This gas lawn mower incorporates several safety features; a spin stop blade keeps your children safe if they are outside while cutting. A personal pace feature is also excellent, allowing you to adjust, up to 4.8 MPH when trimming; a bag on demand feature also allows you to continue or stop the job at any time, and come back at a later time. You can also attach a garden hose to the port, to rinse out the clippings.

6. Toro Recycler 20332

A personal propeller feature allows you to adjust the blade, and a simple release latch, gives you the ease of mowing any location and working in any yard, in no time at all. A .25 gallon capacity tank, can hold gas or oil, making it easy and affordable, for you to trim any lawn. Nine cutting points, at 1 to 4 in each, will also allow you to tackle any area in the lawn, with the slightest of ease.

5. Lawn Boy 10634

It is powered by gas, but features an electric start feature, allowing you to go longer, and replace the pull string method. A 6.25 torque, Briggs motor is powerful, a light 69 pounds is simple to push around, and side discharge mulch bag, are some great features you will love. Even with an electric start, the stop blade feature lets you stop in an instant if needed, for optimal safety when trimming.

4. Husgvarna 7021P

21 swatch cutting surface, and 12 in wheels, makes mowing a breeze; a self propelled mower, with the 3 in 1 system, allows you to easily adjust the cut settings, in a matter of seconds. From 1.25 to 3.42 in cut increments, you can cut the grass to the desired length easily, and a 160 cc Honda engine, provides enough power to help you get through any job, whether it is a big or small lawn you are working on.

3. Honda HRX217HZA

The self propelled electric start mower offers variable speed settings, to easily get to any corner and any area of the lawn, tall or low It also runs on gas, if you want to have the added safety of simple stop features in place. You can go up to 4 MPH, allowing you to slow down and speed up at different points, or ease of cutting; releasing the blade control lever, you will stop the blades, and avoid any accidents. Although pricey, Honda provides excellent features, design, and quality.

2. Honda HRX217HYA

A longer self propelled mower, with longer blades and cutting deck, easily get you through any large lawn in minutes. A stop convenience feature also allows you to stop mowing easily, and simply adjust features, allow you to get the mower to the desired height for ease of motion. A range of .75 up to 4 in, allows you to adjust for optimal cutting height, depending on how you want the lawn to look when finished.

1. Craftsman 37043

A 190 cc engine, self propelled system, is affordable yet powerful. A .4 gallon reserve, and 22 in cutting deck is a bit larger than other mowers. With 2.3 cubic feet of clipping storage, allows you to do more than one job, without having to empty the grass between each cut. A 625 Briggs engine is going to complete the job in a matter of minutes, and for easy storage, you can fold down the all metal bar handle, when you are not using it. And, the 5 year warranty for at home use, ensuring you will not have to worry about breaking down and buying a new machine every few years.

Although there are many top name brands you can purchase, these are some of the top 10 mowers, many which feature both electric and gas start features. With prices ranging from the low $300, up to nearly $900, you can find a mower that is best suited for you, and the job you are going to do. Depending on the size of your lawn, the brands that you want to buy, the power you need, and of course the price you can spend, each of these has something to offer to customers. You have to consider desired use, and where you will be using the mower, to ensure you make the right choice, when the time comes for you to decide on the one that you are going to purchase, for personal use.

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