Best Laptops For College Students

Best Laptops For College StudentsLaptop becomes an important device for many college students these days. You can use this device for doing all assignments from your class. There are a lot of types of laptops that are available today. You need to compare some available products, so you can select the best one for yourself. Different devices may come with their own features and benefits for all users. You should consider some important factors when comparing these laptops, for example price, features, performance, and some other important things. You can read the top 10 best laptops for college students in 2017 reviews in this article.

10. Acer C720 Chromebook

Some college students love the performance of this laptop. This laptop is very well-known because it is fast, stylish, and lightweight. You are able to use this laptop for supporting your daily activities in your classes.It is one of the best Chromebook devices that you can use easily. It has fast connection Wi-Fi 802.11 system, so you are able to connect with the wireless Internet connection easily. Its 11.6 HD screen can display 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Therefore, you are able to watch HD videos in this laptop easily. It also comes with the latest Intel HD graphic technology.

9. Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung is very popular for its devices and laptops. This is another recommended laptop for most college students today. It has built-in 4G wireless broadband network connection system. It is also equipped with strong Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, you are able to get access to some websites on the Internet quickly. You are able to find some materials for your classes from the Internet easily. There are some additional apps that can be added to this laptop, for example spreadsheet data analysis software, word processing system, and some other additional apps. It has some notable features, including 4 GB SDRAM internal memory, 16 GB solid state hard disk memory, and also high resolution screen.

8. Toshiba Satellite L455-S5009

This is a decent laptop that is offered by Toshiba. This student laptop is equipped with a lot of great features. It is very well-known for its high performance system. This laptop is supported by the Intel Dual Core processor with 2.2 GHz speed. Its 4GB RAM also supports the performance of this powerful laptop. When you are looking for the best laptop for data processing and research requirements, you should take a look at this laptop. It has 15.6 inch HD screen that can display 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. You can use its 320 GB hard disk for storing any important documents easily.

7. Gateway LT41P04u

This is one of the most popular laptops from Gateway. This incredible laptop comes with HD touch screen display. Its screen comes with 10.1 inch wide screen size. You are able to enjoy unique viewing experience from this laptop. You are able to get access to your favorite programs and apps easily. Its powerful performance is supported by several additional accessories, such as Celeron N2805 Processor, 1 MB cache memory, 2 GB SDRAM, 320 GB hard disk storage space, and some other features. This laptop can run the latest version of Windows 8 smoothly without having any problems.

6. Asus X102BA-HA41002F

Some students are interested with this powerful laptop. It is powered by high performance AMD A4 processor. This processor also comes with 1.0 GHz speed. It is compatible with the latest Windows 8 version, so you can manage your apps and programs easily. Its 10.1 inch screen is very powerful to provide unique experience for all students these days. You can also enjoy this high performance laptop because it has some great features, including 4GB DDR3 internal memory, 320 GB hard disk system, and also full HDMI feature.

5. Gateway LT41P05u

This is another great product from Gateway. Many people are looking for this laptop because of its high performance. It is supported by high quality 1.46 GHz Intel Celeron processor. Its high speed system is also supported by the 2 GB SDRAM that is added to this powerful laptop. Its 320 GB hard disk is good enough to store your documents and other files for your classes easily. You can also install Windows 8 OS inside this laptop. This laptop is very lightweight, so you can bring this laptop at anytime you want.

4. HP 2000-2b20NR

When you are looking for the best college students’ laptops, you should take a look at this device. This laptop is very incredible for most students these days. It is very well-known for its reliability, performance, and also versatility. It has 15.6 inch high quality screen, so you can do any activities with this laptop easily. You should be able to enjoy the high resolution images from this incredible screen. This laptop can deliver high performance and high speed for all users. It is equipped with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, Intel HD display card, and also outstanding 2.4 GHz processor system.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad T440

If you want to have high speed laptop with stunning display, this laptop can be a great option for you. It is powered by the latest version of the Intel Core i5 dual core processor. It can deliver up to 2.90 GHz processing speed. You are able to operate any apps or programs inside this laptop easily. Its 500 GB hard disk can perform at 7200 rpm speed. This hard disk allows you to store any important files or documents easily. You should be able to enjoy high speed performance from this powerful college student laptop. This is one of the best devices from Lenovo these days.

2. Dell Inspiron i15RV-10953BLK

This laptop is recommended for all college students who want to enjoy high performance device. This laptop is built with the Intel Core i3 processor. You are able to install the latest Windows 8 version in this powerful laptop. It can be used to run several tasks at the same time. It is supported by the the 6 GB DDR3 RAM. You may be amazed with its storage space. It is equipped with 1 TB hard disk space. The latest 2015 version of this laptop also offers ultra thin design, so you can bring this laptop at anytime you want.

1. Acer AS5251-1513

This is one of the best laptops for college students. It is very popular for its high performance features. There are some great features that are added to this powerful laptop. It comes with outstanding 15.6 inch screen that can display up to 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. If you want to use your laptop to watch HD movies, you should consider buying this laptop. Its 250 GB hard drive allows you to store any important files easily. You can also rely on the quality of the 2 GB DDR3 RAM system. You can connect this laptop with other devices easily because it is equipped with some other systems, including HDMI, card reader, VGA, and some other features.

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