Best Lacrosse Head

Best Lacrosse HeadTry driving a car without a steering wheel and you will quickly realize it you are missing an important element. Likewise the best lacrosse head is the wheel that drives your game and is vital to excellent performance. Some of the greatest lacrosse players have the best sticks. There are two parts to a lacrosse stick, the head and the lax shaft. Both should be durable and lasting, and there are a lot of options on each to choose from.

High quality lax heads and lacrosse shafts allows you to cradle, pass and even shoot better. Most attack men want lacrosse heads with a narrow base. (Not to narrow or it is illegal.) This gives them more control over their shooting and makes it harder for them to have the ball knocked lose when they are cradling.

Defense men want the best lacrosse heads that are durable for hard checking and a little wider. This enables them to scoop ground balls better and intercept passes. Light weight lacrosse shafts are generally the best for both. At the college level, these shafts get broken often but in high school and middle school light weight lacrosse shafts are not as likely to get broken.

Most players customize their lacrosse heads in one way or another. They can dye their head or custom string their own lacrosse pockets. This allows them to make each lacrosse head and lacrosse shaft unique to the needs of its owner. Is this a great game or what?

The best lacrosse head and shafts improve performance & control. The top manufactures include Brine, STX, Warrior, deBeer and several others. We suggest you begin with a mid-priced head and than upgrade as your skills and desire to plays the game increase. Quality and durability are the most important things to look for in both lacrosse heads and lacrosse shafts.


Top 10 Best Lacrosse Head Comparison


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