Best Joystick

Best JoystickIt is not convenient to play your games and do your staff on your phone by using its small touch keyboard.

And, it is not necessary as well because there are tones of accessories you can pick up to ease your mobile gaming experience.

Particularly, this list will select the top 10 best joysticks you may consider to buy.


ATJC Game Controller

The first one in this list is ATJC Game Controller. It is a kind of all in one product. It supports all PS3 Apple and Android devices.

Either your device is an Iphone, Ipad, Sumsang Galaxy, Sony or HTC phone, there is no worries.

You can use this joystick with them. That probably means your brothers or sisters can use that as well with their different devices.

The package will come with a specialized adapter and another universal adapter with also 180 days warranty.

iPega Bluetooth Best Joystick

Similarly, this iPega Bluetooth joystick one supports various devices from different brand names.

If we look at the price, this Ipega one is almost double the price of the first joystick, but if you at how it is design, you will see the difference.

This one looks much more stylish. And, it will give your more comfort when holding it to play your game.

Vanbox Generic Bluetooth Game Controller

This is another one among the best joysticks to consider.

It features are similar to others but the design is a bit different, and it is from Vanbox.

Many others joysticks would place the device between the holders, and this one positions it on the top with holder.

That might make it easier for you if you get used to traditional controller already.

ATJC Dedicated Game Holder

This is another joystick  from ATJC. There is a little bit different feature you can see between both.

While the quality, price, and design look very similar except that this above you is built particularly for gaming, you can decide which that best fit your interest more.


2 Pack Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

To me, this 2 pack wireless Bluetooth game controller & joystick is an amazing one.

I like its design dearly. It is stylish, cool, and maybe very comfortable to hold. Even more, the price is very reasonable.

It comes with 2 pack but cost only about 26 dollars while some of the above ones costs around 30 dollars for one. The bad new is it is only for PS

BS-MALL IPEGA II Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller

BS- Mall is another version from IPEGA controller joystick .

Its holder can be used with any phone with a size of 5 inch maximum.

And, its Bluetooth transmission can still work around 6 to 8 meters.

If you are in the United States, it will cost you only a few bucks to ship it to your door.

iPEGA Newest Game Controller

Look at the design. If you like this one, it is better to go in quick because it is now on sale.

The original price is around 80 dollar while now is only 40 dollar with free shipping.

You can check out its description in the link below and hit the deal if you really like it.

IPEGA II Generic Bluetooth Controller

Support android 3.2, ios 4.3 above system. Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs.

Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control (ipega game lobby only for Android platform).

With the telescopic stand, the phone can be put in the stand (maximum support for 5.5-inch mobile phone). This top rated joystick is also great for playing games.

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