Best Ironing Boards

Best Ironing BoardsIroning boards are simply equipments designed to make your ironing easy. They offer you a smooth and flat surface that would give you straight clothes in the end. The following are the top 10 best ironing boards in 2016 reviews:

10. Brabantia 321962 Ironing Board With Ivory Frame

This product has a 5.0 review out of 5 stars. People who bought it have had a great time with it so far. It features a four leg frame that is absolutely solid. The working surface is very solid and it can be adjusted to four different working heights. The product has a child safety lock system that keeps your child safe from any sort of harm from it. Any accidental collapsing is prevented by this child safety lock system. It also comes with a transport lock which makes it easy to handle. It has leg caps, which only make it safer for you and prevents it from damaging your floor. Some customers who bought it say it is a great board and that it was a great buy for them. One customer describes it as an amazing board for use with a wireless iron box.

9. Brabantia 310164 Ironing Board With Steam Iron Rest

This ironing board also had only positive reviews with nothing negative about it coming through. It is ideal for faster ironing, according to its descriptions, something the customers found amazing. It also comes as a wide model. It has a transport lock which enables you to keep it folded while storing it. You therefore do not need to worry about the amount of space that it would occupy in your house. The board also comes with a metal iron steam rest, which can be folded and adjusted for both the right and the left handed users. It stands very solidly on four legs and it has a stable worktop. It can be adjusted to up to 7 heights, making it very versatile for a variety of heights of the users.

8. Laurastar Magic S4e Ironing System

Customers had lots of positive things to say about this ironing system which encompasses both an iron box and an ironing board. It is highly automated so it makes your work very easy. It has a reverse button that makes it possible for you to change the direction of the fan by simply pressing on it. The fact that it has 6 adjustment heights make it very attractive, something customers are excited about. It is easy to fold and offers you an advantage of being able to use it for any type of ironing requirement. It has two pairs of wheels integrated into its system, making it easy to move around the house. This also makes it easy for compact storage in the house. It also has an electric cable which is approximately 10 feet long. This makes it possible for you to move it as far away from a power outlet as possible. The ironing board is also stable enough to keep your ironing free of any sort of disturbance.

7. Brabantia Solid Steam Iron Rest With Ivory Frame

This board can be adjusted to many heights and it comes with a 10 year warranty. It comes with a sturdy design. One customer particularly calls this ironing board the Lamborghini of ironing boards due to its quality and efficiency. Another one calls it a solid brick-house due to the fact that it is very solid and stable. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

6. Reliable C81 With Up-Air Pressing Table

This is a professional quality ironing board, as described by the manufacturer. It has a powerful vacuum built into it meant for the removal of steam that comes from your ironing activity. It has an up-air motor that creates an air cushion that enhances the pressing. This is made possible through the reversing of the vacuum. It is built with an end shelf to support an iron or iron steam generator. It also has a shelf right below the ironing surface designed to stack garments that have been pressed. It has been constructed very strongly and it folds to make it easy for you to store it. It requires no assembly at all. Customers say that the board revolutionizes ironing and that it exceeds expectations. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

5. Minky H403201 Advantage Ironing Board

This ironing board comes with a very large ironing surface, 48-inch by 15-inch to be precise. It has infinite height adjustment possibilities. The flow of steam has been improved by an in-built steam efficient mesh. Both conventional and steam iron boxes suit the iron rest designed on this ironing board. A hanger rail has as well been attached onto the board for you to hang the garments that you have ironed. The cover on the ironing surface is wholly cotton, backed by a thick foam. The board has very stable legs designed in a way to prevent any slip-ups. Clients particularly like the solid and stable structure of the ironing board. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4. Household Essentials 144222-1 Ironing Board

This ironing board has natural cotton covering the ironing surface with a 3mm fibre pad. The top has a steel mesh which measures 14inches by 44 inches. You can hang the board over the door to save space in your house. This has been made possible by the steel over the door hooks built on the ironing board. It also has an iron storage holder that has been made of wire to give you an easy time while ironing. The board is easy to open and it closes flush. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A customer says the it meets every ironing expectation as another one says that it is of great quality. The fact that it has very little customizing is very appealing to other customers.

3. Full Size Folding Ironing Board

Customers just love this ironing board. It comes with options for storage and a full-size collapsible ironing surface. The storage spaces are in the form of three storage baskets. The pull-out baskets are nicely decorated, something the customers have said lots of positive things about. It has been constructed using heavy duty wood frames to make it very stable and solid. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers applaud the fact that it saves space and they are largely pleased with its design.

2. Reliable Longboard Home Ironing Table

Customers love the fact that this ironing board has a very wide working surface due to the fact that it has an extension piece. This extension piece makes it possible for you to iron large items that would be difficult to iron on other ordinary ironing boards. It has a shelf rack right below the ironing surface that offers you a space to store folded and ironed garments temporarily. Its height is adjustable and it has been assembled in an easy way. It also comes with 2 cover pads and it has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars.

1. Ironing Board Shelf

This ironing board is white in colour so it has been applauded by neat-freaks. It is wide enough to make it possible for you to iron huge garments. It has a modern design, another aspect that customers adore about it. It has storage shelves that you could use to store folded clothes.


All the aforementioned iron boards are available at Going through reviews made by people who bought them and used them can help you make a wise decision on the most suitable ironing board for you. The above 10 ironing boards are arguably the best because of their exciting features. You can grab one today and enjoy ironing in a simplified and comfortable manner.

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