Best Ice Buckets

Best Ice BucketsAre you passionate about champagne and wine? If you just answered in positive, then you must know how important it is to have a nice ice bucket. An elegant looking and feature rich ice bucket not only boosts the feel of an excellent night, but also make the drink tasty. Whether you are hosting a birthday bash, corporate event or any other party at your home, ice buckets are must have if you really want to serve your guests some amazing glasses of drinks. In fact, without chilled drinks, your guests might not even enjoy other elements of the party.

Ice buckets manufactured these days come with plethora of useful features. As far as design and looks are concerned, modern ice buckets are available in a wide range of shapes, styles and finishes. Whether you are looking to buy an ice bucket made in stainless steel or any other material, this comprehensive list of top 10 best ice buckets in 2016 should help you make an informed choice.

10. The Oggi Ice Bucket Double Wall

Known for its reputation and innovative designs, Oggi is one of the finest manufacturers of ice-buckets in the industry. This double wall bucket is made with stainless steel. This model features acrylic flip-top. The design and built of this bucket is created keeping in mind the need of having clean and cool drinks all the time during parties, or any other events. This ice bucket with double wall is manufactured to keep your drinks cool for hours.

9. The Bormioli Rocco Ice Bucket

This particular ice bucket is manufactured by one of the leading companies – Bormioli Rocco, which is quite famous for it’s ice buckets. This ice bucket features tongs included. It has a capacity of holding 30 & 1.5 ounces, overall. Made in Italy, the ice bucket does stand out in the market because of its innovative and outstanding design. This one is made from high-quality material which makes it easy to store, wash and even use for travel purpose. It is a must have for all the wine lovers.

8. The Calphalon RS201 Ice Bucket

This bucket for keeping ice is sold by Calphalon. This elegant looking bucket is protected from damages from washing in the dishwasher, along with this it accompanies punctured scoop that empties all the water coming about out of the dissolved ice. Likewise, it has a wonderful two-fold divider intended for keeping dampness from structuring inside the bucket. In short, the ice bucket by Calphalon is surely a good investment.

7. The Tuscany Stainless Steel Ice Bucket from Lenox

Manufactured by Lenox, this stainless steel bucket is available with a lifetime-replacement policy. It allows you to replace the ice bucket, if you are not satisfied with the same, in case you don’t feel satisfied with the use. Moreover, the ice bucket by Lenox comes with a right lid and sturdy handles. It is manufactured from tarnish-free stainless steel, which makes it safe to lean in the dishwasher. It also features understated rings. This ice bucket belongs to their much touted Tuscany Classics barware & stemware collection, which bespoke of the quality.

6. The Regency Black by Mr. Ice Bucket

Designed by Mr. Ice Bucket, this three-quart ice bucket comes at an extremely affordable price. It features double-wall insulation, specifically designed to keep the ice blocks safe from melting. The style and features are all designed keeping in mind the need of having cooler drinks for a very long period. This is inevitably outstanding in terms of looks as it is made with handcrafted work of art.

5. OXO Good Grips Steel Ice Bucket

Manufactured by OXO, this good grip steel bucket is very very special for its mirror and satin finish. This feature distinguishes it from the other ice buckets. It comes with included ice tongs. The bucket is manufactured to store the ice cool and clean for remarkably longer time. It is quite popular for its remarked fine-craftsmanship coupled highest quality stainless steel.

4. The Imperial Home Double Wall Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Yet another stainless ice bucket with double wall. This bucket is offered by the Imperial Home for a very affordable price tag. This genuine set of ice bucket includes stainless steel used as a main material and ice tongs. Both the elements used are of highest quality. In fact, you can also use it as a food safe bucket for easy and effortless storage. It is easy to wash in any dishwasher. Just make sure you use quality dishwasher to avoid structural damages. The double wall ensures keeping the ice cooler for incredibly long period of time, while preventing the outer condensation.

3. The Oggi Ice Bucket Stainless Steel

This is another very popular stainless steel and double wall bucket by Oggi. This excellent ice bucket is best known for its exquisite built and style. It is particularly designed to prevent outer condensation, while keeping the ice and drinks cooler and clean. It holds up to three liters of ice. It also comes with silicone gasket and stainless steel lid. Even though it is dishwasher safe, it’s recommended to wash the bucket with hands so you can use your investment for many more years to come.

2. The Amco Brushed Ice Bucket Stainless Steel

Offered by Amco, this brushed stainless steel-ice bucket comes with quality ice tongs. It also features stainless steel lid with double walled design and special silicone seal. The seal is provided as an additional feature to keep the drinks chilled for prolonged period. The tongs are also designed in a way that users can grab the cubes in just one move. The innovative cuts in the tongs allow easy and quick draining of water.

1. The Ice Bucket With Brushed Gold Finish

Sold by Kensington, this ultimate ice bucket managed to grab the number one spot in the list of top 10 ice buckets in 2016. There are plenty of reasons that contribute to its uber popularity. To begin with, it is a three-quart ice bucket, embellished with amazing brushed gold. Yes, it is expensive, but this investment is going to last for many years to come. It is made with in double-insulated wall design to prevent cold condensation. The tight fitted lid is another addition to keep ice intact inside the container.

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