Best Hoverboards

Best HoverboardsContrary to the belief that hoverboards are expensive gadgets reserved for celebrities and individuals with deep pockets, the advent of technology and demand for affordable hoverboards has saw an upsurge of cheap models that work as well as their expensive counterparts. Most models are durable. They also have advanced technologies that ease riding, are attainable in a plethora of designs and sizes, and have innovative systems, ideal for regular commuting and recreational riding. If you are skeptical, read on for a detailed analysis of the 10 best hoverboards retailing for less than 400$ you will not regret buying:

10. ForTech Mini Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

Have you saved 400 dollars to spend on a new hoverboard scooter for everyday usage? Instead of sacrificing performance of buying a refurbished or used high-end hoverboard, consider purchasing this mini smart model by ForTech for the following reasons. Although cheap, this scooter is durable and manufactured using high quality components that offer valuable service for years. It is easy to mount and dismount, supports colossal weight without breaking and or losing its shape of functionality in any way, and comes fitted with a novel double balanced system that tracks movements and adjusts its orientation automatically to keep you in balance. For those space issues, this mini hoverboard is space efficient. You also get anti-slip grips, a powerful 500-watt motor, and a powerful battery system with a range of 17-25 kilometers.

9. SanWay Two-wheel Smart Scooter Hoverboard

As its name suggest, SanWay is a well-made dual wheeled hoverboard scooter with a smart system that make regular commute fun. It is durable, waterproof up to Ip54, and has a high-endurance battery-powered motor that rides at a safe speed of approximately 12 kilometers per hour. If you commute for short distances to work or school and do not want to travel in crowded buses or pay hefty taxi fees, this hover board will work best for you. It is affordable, very easy to maintain, and has a stable platform that tilts on all orientation for better control. It is self-balancing, has a non-pollutant electrical system, and bright LED lights that not only illuminate the road, but also improve visibility of users.

8. HoverBoost HoverBoard

This 2015 edition of HoverBoost Hoverboard is an advanced self-balancing hoverboard with a novel smart drifting system and a sturdy two-wheeled design. It is durable, made of high quality plastic, and has a striking black theme that most users find invaluable. It also charges fast, has a well-wired electrical system that does not emit toxic emissions, and a power-efficient battery-powered brushless 500-watt motor that propels it to speed of up to 15 KPH. To protect its battery for damage and prolong it life as a result, this one of kind hoverboard has an auto shutoff features that powers it off once its battery reaches 10%. It also has a status battery indicator and stable rubber-gripped platform, and comes with a pair of headphones and a carrying bag.

7. HoverBoost HoverBoard Mini

HoverBoost HoverBoard Mini is a compact yet smart hoverboard that works as well as most larger and expensive models in the market. It is affordable, has a self-balancing dual wheel design, and a smart electronic and battery combo system that offers users tons of fun without harming the environment. This hoverboard has a weight limit of 250 pound. Its dark theme is aesthetic, while the array of accessories it comes with (rubberized platform grips and LED lights, for instance) makes it one of the most dependable models.

6. SunWay HoverBoost HoverBoard

Retailing for less than 400 dollars in reputable online stores such as Amazon, SunWay HoverBoost is a powerful dual-wheeled hoverboard scooter that measures approximately 584x186x178 millimeters (mm). It is affordable, has a smart mini design that is easy to mount and dismount, and a light and portable build ideal for regular travel. For novice riders, this hoverboard is very easy to learn. It has a large self-stabilizing platform with anti-slip foot grips for support, a maximum weight load of 110 kilograms, and a top speed of 10 KPH. An original model will serve you and or your children perfect for several years.

5. PACKGOUT HoverBoost HoverBoard

A regular in top 10 best hoverboards under 400$ in 2017 reviews, PACKGOUT HoverBoost is a professional-grade hoverboard manufactured using durable and high performance components. It is easy to ride, affordable, and has a novel self-balancing system that protects users from toppling over and injuring themselves. Its dual wheel design is also stable, while its long endurance (12-25 Km per charge make it an ideal recreational and commuting accessory. Its compact design works well in crowded area. Its Samsung Li-Ion battery pack lasts long, while its metal alloy build is durable and has a high weight capacity.

4. F-Dorla Drifting Scooter Board

F-Dorla is a well-designed drifting electronic scooter hoverboard with an intelligent mono-cycle design ideal for regular commuting. It is dark themed, made of durable plastic material, and has an intelligent self-balancing system that not only eases usage, but also lowers the learning curve. If you can balance on a skateboard, you will never have problems running this one of a kind technological gadget. This hoverboard has a maximum speed of 10 KPH. It rides over a 360-degree orientation, has an intelligent battery management system that prolongs life, and a carry bag for easier transport and or storage.

3. HKCUBE Salen T Hoverboard

HKCUBE Salen T is a high performance hoverboard manufactured using a durable METAI alloy material. It is affordable, very easy to handle, and comes with a durable scooter bag that ease transportation and storage. It is self-balancing, has a power efficient electrical system that does not pollute the environments, and a durable battery-powered motor with a maximum speed of 15-20 KPH. HKCUBE is dual wheeled and has a detailed instruction guide.

2. Wallygadgets Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic

A favored accessory worldwide, Wallygadgets is a smart drifting electronic scooter with a powerful 1000-watt battery-powered system. It recharges fast, has a sturdy and durable body that supports colossal weight, and a fast smooth rolling system that reaches a maximum speed of 15 KPH (non-contained). This hoverboard is affordable and ideal for everyday usage.

1. RioRand Electric Sports Electric Hoverboard

RioRand by EROVER is a well-designed sports-grade hoverboard made of METAI alloy. It is light (27 pounds), has a self-balancing two wheel system, and a durable smooth rolling wheel that attains a maximum speed of 10 MPH. It is easy to mount, has a powerful battery, and sells for less than 400 dollars online.

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