Best Home Office Desk

Best Home Office DeskHaving a well-built desk with a pleasing design is highly important for productivity especially when working at home on a computer or laptop.

It is an investment that will define the working place and no expense should be spared. On the other hand there is a model for every budget but some are better than others and that can be easily observed just by looking at them.

Regardless of how easy it is to tell if an office desk is worth the money there are too many models on the market to check them all.

Out of all of them only 5 were picked as being some of the best. Here are the top 5 home office desks.

Coaster Fine Furniture 800800 Executive Desk

Coaster Fine has several products available but their Executive Desk got the best user reviews. Unfortunately this is one of the more expensive office desks as it is made exclusively out of massive wood.

It is a large desk with a classic design that will only fit a room that has a more classic design. It has multiple carved elements and it is has 3 sides covered. The large table top was built also out of massive wood and comes with a leather panel insert.

Despite being built as a classic desk the model does come with wire management elements including a whole on the table top for electrical wires.


The L-Desk is a large office desk that would fit a spacious apartment room. It was designed to be placed against a corner and comes with a lot of storage space.

On the right side users will find a small cabinet with two drawers and another one with slightly larger ones that can be used to store large files, folder or even books. The left side includes several shelves that can be used as a small library as well a special area that can be used to place a computer or a laptop.

Amongst its features it is worth mentioning that the desk comes with a built-in charging station for phones, tablets, cameras and other small handheld devices.

Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

The Bestar is another corner office desk but compared with the Cabot it is about three times cheaper and much smaller. It is recommended for users that do not have a large room and need something that could fit a computer and several other items.

It comes with a small cabinet on the left side and a retractable stand for a mouse and keyboard. The corner area has a monitor stand which offers a bit of storage space underneath it. In terms of build quality the desk it quite sturdy and comes in black and white.

Overall the model is great option for the ones with limited room space and a rather small budget for an office desk.

Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Hollow-core Best Home Office Desk

The Monarch Specialties office desk it one of the more practical solutions that requires very little room space and offers basic functionality which is the main reason why it is so appreciated.

It made of MDF which is a bit more durable and can withstand humidity. In terms of design it is only available in dark brown or white. It does not have any cabinets but it does have 11 shelves that can be used to store various items.

The shelves themselves are mounted against the wall while the computer desk is found at 90 degrees. It might be a rather uncommon position for some but it helps save space and makes it viable to place the desk against a corner as well.

RTA Products L-Shaped Desk

The Monarch is a rather large corner desk that offers a lot of tabletop space that could be used by two computers if required. It was built mostly to sever as a working area for a computer and does not come with shelves, drawers of a cabinet.

Instead it has a large tabletop. The left side of the desk hosts the retractable drawer for the keyboard and mouse. A computer can be placed in the corner area where a special shelve has been placed.

It is made out of MDF and comes with a steel frame that adds durability and contributes to its modern design. Last but not least the desk has a modern design and a low price tag.

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