Best Home Audio Subwoofers

Best Home Audio SubwoofersHome audio systems seem like they are missing something if there is no dedicated subwoofer. Nothing can replace the rich and deep bass and enhance the audio quality like a sub. There are many elements that influence just how good a speaker really is and all these facts have been taken into consideration when the top 10 best subwoofers have been picked. The best ones have been lined up based on audio quality, build quality and price. With no further ado here are the top 10 best home audio subwoofers in 2017 reviews.

10. BIC America F12

The first entry in the top 10 is made by a BIC America product. The F12 is a decently looking home audio subwoofer with a wooden enchasing and simple design. It has a 12 inch woofer capable of a maximum output of 475 watts which is powerful enough for indoor usage. The cone is made of a chromed polypropylene material with rubber membrane. It comes with a 5 year warranty and it includes connections for Dolby Digital inputs and Dolby Pro Logic.

9. Yamaha YST-SW012

The Yamaha YST-SW012 is a compact and affordable subwoofer. It is powered independently and only needs an amp and a sound source. The enclosure is made out of wood and painted in black making it look stylish and at the same time it enhances the audio quality. The subwoofer itself has a 8 inch diameter and can deliver 100 watts of audio power. It is covered with a textile black mesh material to protect the cone and the membrane. Last but not least, it is inexpensive and offers great sound quality.

8. Pioneer SW-8MK2

Pioneer is no stranger when it comes to audio equipment. Their SW-8MK2 subwoofer is one of their most appreciated products. The woofer comes in a compact form factor that not only appealing but also practical. It has a maximum input power of 100 watts and supports basic crossover adjustment. The enclosure is made out of wood and comes with rubber feet. The woofer itself is hidden inside the enclosure for improved protection and better bass reflex.

7. Klipsch Sub-12HG Synergy Series

Klipsch seems to have focused on building a product that is visually appealing and delivers high quality audio. The Sub-12HG is one of the better looking home audio subwoofers that received extra care when its enclosing was designed. It offers 650 watts of power and comes with RCA and speaker inputs making it easy to connect to almost any external audio source. Klipsch also added phase controls and level adjustments to make it easy to pair with various types of audio devices.

6. Sony SA-W3000/Z Subwoofer

Sony invested a lot of effort into building a slim subwoofer for home users. Because of its form factor, the woofer can be placed almost anywhere and can be considered part of the furniture due to its enclosure with wood-like texture. It has a 180 watt speaker capable of delivering deep and rich bass. The cone and membrane are protected by a textile covered mesh. It also features a motion feedback sensor and has a built in amplifier making it easy to setup. Connectivity ports allow standard line level inputs making it compatible with most audio systems.

5. Behringer EUROLIVE B1500D-PRO

The Behringer is a subwoofer designed for audiophiles and enthusiasts. Its sound quality is difficult to match. Very few other woofers can deliver such deep and clean bass but it comes at a cost. It is priced a bit below average making it a premium product. The subwoofer offers 1400 watts of pure power and has its own built in amplifier. The enclosure is made of composite materials for better resonance which enhance the audio quality even further. Needless to say, the woofer itself comes in a modern enclosure that looks sturdy and well built.

4. Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2 Subwoofer

The Yamaha YST is the only woofer that comes with a rack mountable design. It was built to be slim and easy to place on a media center stand. The subwoofer itself was placed in such a position to down-fire which made it possible to have the entire enclosure look so slim. Speaker power is rated at 100 watts which is enough medium sized rooms. In terms of build quality and sound fidelity, the YST falls in the premium segment. Not only that it sounds good but it also looks good.

3. JBL ES250PBK High-Performance

JBL’s ES250PBK is what some might call a complete solution for one’s audio needs. It comes with a built in amp that powers a 12 inch 400 watt woofer. According to the manufacturers, the components used for the amp and speaker are premium which means less distortion and white noise. The design of the enclosure also does not disappoint with its round top edge, black textile mesh on the front and all black sides. Some would assume that such a premium subwoofer would cost a lot but that is not true. For what it offers the JBL is quite affordable.

2. Polk Audio PSW10

The Polk Audio PSW10 is one of the more affordable woofers in the list. It is a product that is recommended to ones that already own a full audio system but they need a woofer upgrade. It has a 10 inch 50 watt subwoofer which is enough for small to medium rooms. The enclosure is made completely out of wood and the frontal side is painted in metallic grey. It is a simple looking but great sounding subwoofer that is affordable and comes with a compact form factor. Needless to say it is also affordable making it a great pick even for the ones with a limited budget.


The JBL ES150PBK is the smaller brother of the ES250PBK. Both subwoofers look the same but the 150PBK is significantly more affordable and this is because it uses a lower powered subwoofer. It has a 300 watt speaker and a built in amplifier. From the outside the two models look exactly the same but the ES150PBK takes the first place because it is much more affordable and the difference in terms of loudness is not that noticeable. It is a premium product sold at an affordable price.

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