Best Hidden Cameras

Best Hidden CamerasDid you ever try to spy on someone close to you or any of your employees to know his/her views about you along with taking some snaps to support your witness, if any unwanted situation occurs? All this can be done without the knowledge of the other person with the help of a hidden camera. Various types of hidden cameras are available in the market these days which make it difficult to choose a good one for you. Brief reviews about top 10 best hidden cameras in 2017 are given hereunder for your consideration in this regard.

10. U.S. Patrol JB5472 Photo Patrol Security Air Freshener Camera

U.S. Patrol has produced this security camera hidden in air fresheners for the security of your office as well as home. Amazon delivers this high quality full color security camera at a reasonable price of about $51 at your doorstep in gift wrap. It allows you to keep watch on the suspicious people entering your premise round the clock. Its design ensures its use for long time without any trouble. Its infrared sensor gets activated to capture photos with motion in its vicinity.

9. SharpX Principal Electric Pencil Sharpener Camera

This hidden spy camera is concealed in a black/silver colored sharpener shape object to keep an eye on burglar entering in your office or home at any time. You can buy it for nearly $55 with shipping charges from Amazon. This electric pencil sharpener camera manufactured by Elmer’s has 6 holes to capture photos along with a steel helical cutter to sharpen pencils to deceive the unwanted persons. Auto-stop, Auto-reset and shaving reservoir are its other security features.

8. HD Spy Pen Hidden Camera Camcorder

This mini DV DVR video camera has a business portable recorder to record videos of any burglary act near you. Amazon offers it at $8.50 against its list price of $50 fixed by TRURENDI. This 720P is a HD spy pen with 8GB Card to record videos of any foul activity anywhere near you. It records high class videos with 1280×1024 resolutions in AVI format.

7. Earphone Earbuds Headphones Wired Hidden Covert Camera

Lawmate has produced this headphone hidden camera to sell it for $205 through Amazon with free shipping facility. 640×480 mm is its video size. It can view the object from 66.5 degree angle. It has 3.59 mm nearly undetectable lens. It needs a DC power supply of just 5 V to capture photos.

6. Defender STEALTH1 Covert MPEG4 DVR Recorder

This recording system has a built-in color pinhole surveillance hidden camera in a motion sensor. Defender has sold it for just $150 with free shipping facility through Amazon. You can also gift it at the doorstep of your family and friend directly from Amazon as it also offers gift wrap facility with it. You can continuously monitor you suspects for 12 hours through this wire free device. Its SD card can retain the recording of 45 days. It gets activated to record photos only when some activity is detected by it. You can use its SD card to views it archived footage on your computer. High quality footage of several weeks can also be stored on its SD card with MPEG-4 compression.

5. Anleo Hot Sale S818 Car Key Chain Spy Camera

You can save 1280×960 resolution photos with this new car alarm remote keychain DVR Camera manufactured by Anleo. You can buy it from Amazon for just $16 including shipping charges. It can be used for detecting any motion nearby you. Car keys can easily conceal this camera from the sight of other people near you. Whenever you plug it with your computer its DVR S818 gets recharged automatically. You can use it continuously for nearly 90 minutes with its built-in battery. Taking pictures, professional recording voice, USB flash memory and webcam are some of its main functions.

4. White Clothes Hook Camera

This camera hidden in clothes hook works with 1280×960 pixels as camcorder, DVR, surveillance camera, and a spy camera. It detects motion near by it through its motion sensors. The micro SD card used in it can record photos and videos up to 16 GB. Clothes mounting hooks can easily conceal this camera from other people.

3. Spy Alarm Clock Security Hidden DVR Camera

It is a USA made surveillance motion detector DV camcorder with 4GB SD Card and digital DVR. I-mesh-bean has produced it to sell at nearly $24 with sipping charges through Amazon. It micro SD card has 4GB capacity to record photos and videos. It is hidden in a stylish looking stainless steel clock and can be used for taking photos as well as shooting videos without being detected by your suspects. Sound detection, Motion detection, AVI video format and adjustable stand some of its other features.

2. Waterproof Smart Watch Spy Camera

This spy camera has 4GB capacity to store HD quality photos and videos captured through its DVR Digital Video Recorder Camcorder camera. Generic has manufactured this digital camera watch by combining surveillance and fashion perfectly in a durable stylish watch. You can easily shoot the photos and videos through its mini pinhole camera which can not be detected easily by everyone. It can also be used for taking notes in a meeting instead of writing them by hand.

1. Mini Gadgets HC-MP3 Hidden Camera in MP3 Player

Mini Gadgets has introduced this security camera hidden in a normal looking MP3. The list price of this surveillance device is just $169 but you can easily save 85% of your investment on it by purchasing it through Amazon at only $26 almost with free shipping facility. You can also gift it directly to the doorstep of your family or friend through Amazon as they also offer free gift wrapping facility for it. You can record 640×480 pixel photos and videos up to 16 GB on its micro SD card. It records at the speed of 1 GB in 40 minutes.

Thus photos and videos captured through the hidden cameras of either of these devices in 2017 can prove to be a good help for you to prove the facts, in case of any dispute occurring between you and your loved ones or employees.

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