Best Glass Cleaners

Best Glass CleanersOut of all the household chores cleaning the glass surfaces and windows is probably the most annoying one. It feels like they are never clean enough and stains or fingerprints just refuse to come off. This happens mainly because of the poor quality of the glass cleaner. It can be a daunting task but if the product is of high quality it will clean the dirt and leave the glass clean without having to work too hard. They will not leave stains, marks or other impurities when whipped off. Here are the top 10 best glass cleaners in 2017 reviews.

10. 3M Glass Cleaner

3M makes a lot of different products ranging office supplied to cleaning solution. Their glass cleaner is one of the few foam based solutions that does not drip and can clean vertical surfaces without leaving any traces or marks. It can be used for normal windows, tinted glass and various other similar surfaces. The solution contains aerosol which means that is will clean the most persistent dirt and does not require rinsing. A can contains about 19 ounces of glass cleaner solution that can be sprayed and is it non-flammable. It can even be used on painted surfaces.

9. Sprayway Glass Cleaner

The Sprayway is an inexpensive glass cleaner made entirely in the US. It comes in a pack of 4 cans of 19oz each and cost just under $10. Even if it is so cheap the solution is quite efficient against stains and dirty windows. It is ammonia and drip free and does not require rinsing. The formula used by the cleaner is safe to use on all types of glass and other shiny surfaces that can be a magnet for fingerprints and dirt particles. Because it is sold as a spray can and it is drip free the product can be used on vertical surfaces.

8. Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger

The Glass Plus glass cleaner is an excellent product with great value for money mainly because it is less than $10 for a 32 ounce dispenser. It was mainly designed to be used on windows and glass surfaces but it can work on stainless steel and even granite. The formula can remove grease, dirt, fingerprint marks and grime. Once applied on a window the solution does not need to be rinsed and can be wiped off with a dry piece of cloth or paper. The only downside is that the recipient is quite large and can be difficult to work with when cleaning vertical surfaces.

7. Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s glass cleaner is a simple and efficient glass cleaner with special formula that leaves no marks or dirt. The solution is considered a professional grade window cleaner due to its efficiency on all types of surfaces. It is also quite inexpensive and comes in a 24 oz. recipient with spray dispenser. The ones that are concerned about ammonia will be pleased to know that the Meguiar is ammonia free and does not require rinsing. Once applied to a glass or window it can be wiped off with a clean towel or piece of cloth.

6. Clorox 32 Oz Formula 409® Glass & Surface Cleaner

The Clorox glass cleaner is excellent for large families that are concerned about keeping their house clean when there are young kids around. It uses a special formula that removes the most persistent grease, dirt and bacterial. The product has disinfecting properties and it is completely safe. It is drop free and does not need rinsing. Due to its formula the product can be used on any shiny surface especially on windows and glass.

5. Chemical Guys Window Clean Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

The Chemical Guys is not such a big name in the industry but their glass cleaner surely makes up for a great product. It is 100 percent ammonia free and can be used on tinted windows. The window cleaning solution can be mixed with water to be dissolved and does not require rinsing. It can get the windows clean quite easily and it does not leave stains or marks. It can be wiped off with a dry cloth or towel.

4. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Glass and Surface Cleaner

The Seventh Generation is one of the few eco-friendly cleaning products. Its special window cleaning formula is biodegradable and completely non-toxic. It is also hypoallergenic and has a mild scent that can barely be noticed. The product comes in a 32 ounce recipient with a spray dispenser that can be used to clean vertical windows and glass due to its drop-free formula. The product is recommended for people that need something mild and safe to use around children or people that suffer from allergies.

3. Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner – Spray

The Stoner glass cleaner is a convenient product that is easy to use doe to the fact that it comes in a spray can that does not generate too much foam and it is drop-free. The special formula used does not leave any kind of residue on the windows or marks once wiped off with a piece of dry cloth. It comes in a 19 ounce spray can and costs less than $10. It is considered one of the more powerful glass cleaners and does not leave any kind of soapy marks.

2. Stoner Invisible Glass for Window – Solution

The Stoner Invisible Glass solution uses the exact same formula as the spray can version. It is just as effective on windows but it does not contain aerosol. The special formula used makes it extremely easy to clean any kind of shiny surfaces and does not leave soapy stains. It has no streak, haze and no residue. Also it is completely unscented which makes it a great product for the ones that do not like intense perfumes.

1. Mothers Revision Glass Cleaner

The Revision glass cleaner is one of the safest window cleaning products. It uses an ammonia free formula and comes in a bottle with a trigger spray that is easy to use even on vertical surfaces. The streak free formula provides excellent results leaving no soapy marks behind or any kind of residue. When applied it only needs to be wiped off with a piece of dry cloth to remove the liquid and dirt or grease.

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