Best French Fry Cutters

Best French Fry CuttersHaving the best French fry cutter will help you save the energy required to slice potatoes into French fries sized pieces. Some of the factors that you should look for when choosing the French fry cutter include the ease of operation and maintenance. It should also be hygienically designed. With these factors in mind, the following are reviews of the best top 10 best French fry cutters in 2017.

10. Home Basics EZ-French Fry Chopper

You can use this French fry cutter to efficiently slice and chop potatoes as well as vegetables. It uses sharp stainless steel blades to easily slice the potatoes and produce an ideal French fry cut. In a single cut, it makes about 45 slices. You can use it to slice vegetables and fruits with the same efficiency and ease that it delivers when slicing potatoes. Another best thing about this French fry cutter is that it is very affordable. You can get for less than $10.

9. Prepworks From Progressive International GPC-3664 Jumbo Potato Cutter

If you are looking for a French fry cutter that you can use to cut large whole potatoes in a single swift motion, the Preworks Jumbo potato cutter is the best option. If features a soft grip handle for comfort when you are using it. Besides slicing potatoes, this cutter is also great for slicing carrots, yams and zucchini. It will prove to be so beneficial if you do not like the task of having to first cut the potatoes into smaller pieces before you start feeding them to the cutter. Cleaning and maintaining it is also very easy since its blade and pusher plates are safe enough to be placed in a dishwasher.

8. Fox Run Potato Cutter, French Fries

This cutter is the best choice for smaller quantities of fresh-cut French fries. It features a plastic body with stainless steel blades. It is designed for home use rather than for commercial restaurants. Another thing you will like about it is that it is very simple to operate. It is compact and finely contoured and you will not need to do a lot to ensure that it is well maintained. It is a favorite to many people due to its salient features.

7. New Star 37340 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter with Suction Feet

This cutter is ideal for both home and commercial use. It is constructed with a cast iron body as well as stainless steel rod that make it efficient and long lasting. It also features powerful suction feet that allows you to mount it without drilling into any walls or counters. After using it, you can easily detach it and stow it away if you want to decongest your kitchen. You can use it anywhere and not necessarily on flat surfaces.

6. Weston Products Veggie Dicer Plastic French Fry Cutter 36-3301-W

This is a revolutionary cutter that allows you to enjoy the process of transforming your potatoes into thin fries. It allows you to reduce the potatoes to standard slices without using a lot of energy, but you may be required to cut the potatoes in half before you feed them into the cutter. Another good thing about this cutter is that it is very simple to clean and maintain. It is also very affordable, so you can be able to purchase it even if you are operating on a tight budget.

5. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter with Round Bottom for Easy Slicing, Stainless Steel

With this cutter, you will not have to go through a lot of trouble to make your own foodie French fries. It features a curved bottom and is specifically designed to accommodate different potato shapes for a forceless operation. You will simply need to pick the grid depending on the desired size of the fries, and then position the potato in such a way that it is facing the grid. You will not need to apply any unnecessary force when using this potato cutter. You can also use it to slice other veggies such as zucchinis, cucumbers and carrots. Its blades are very easy to wash and change.

4. LEM Products French Fry Cutter

You can use this French fry cutter to handle large potatoes without any problem. It features two stainless steel cutting plates, with one plate being for regular fries while the other is for thinner ones. It also has a suction base that attaches to any flat surface. If you want to get the best results when using it, it is recommended to peel and halve potatoes before putting them into the cutter.

3. Progressive GPC-2549 French Fry Cutter, Stainless Steel

With this cutter, the task of getting your French fries ready for deep frying will become much easier. All you will be required to do is peel the potatoes, cut them in half and then place them in the chute. After that, you will need to use its handle to gently squeeze through in order to get your fries cut in thick and thin. You can adjust the size of the slices to what you prefer using the interchangeable stainless steel blades that it comes with.

2. Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

This cutter delivers high performance and requires very minimal maintenance. It allows you to easily cut potatoes up to 6 inches long into 3/8 inch French fries. It features a heavy duty cast iron body that has stainless steel components, so it will last for very long. It is very easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. When using it, you can mount it on any flat surface.

1. New MTN Gearsmith Preminum Deluxe Commercial Grade Heavy Duty French Frys/Fruit/Vegitable Cutter with 4 Blade

If you want to take your potato chopping experience to the next level, this is the cutter you will need to purchase. It features hardened stainless steel, so you can use it with the assurance that it will remain tough as well as rust-free for the longest time possible. It is very versatile with a set of four replacement blades which enables it to be used as a fruit and vegetable cutter cum French fry chopper. You do not need to spend money on buying different appliances separately.

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