Best French Fry Cutter

Best French Fry CutterHaving tasty French fries to serve your family is among the best time of the gathering.

Because this is so common in most families like mind, we need an easier way to have the French fry ready quick and easy.

If so, a good choice of french fry cutter is necessary.

If to care about the price, hygiene and design, the top 10 French Fry Cutters below will do.

Home Basics EZ-French Fry Chopper

This first of our list is EZ-French Fry chopper. The design is simple but its effectiveness is among the best.

For each slice, you have have up to 45 of the Frence fries.

The blade is sharp stainless steel and is very durable. It is also produced and designed for other types of fruits and vegetables.

GPC-3665 Deluxe Potato Cutter

This second one is another awesome french fry potato cutter. It is GPC-3665 deluxe. As you can see in the picture, you can your potatoes sliced easily.

As well, this GPC-3665 deluxe potatoes cutter is beyond. It is built to also be a fun kitchen tool.

Its another unique point is that you can have the whole potatoes cut without making it smaller first. To clean, you can safely put its pieces like its blade in the dishwasher.

Fox Run Best French Fry Cutter

This Fox Run french fry cutter one is so similar to the first one. It has a white plastic body with the stainless steel blade.

However, comparing to the first one, this is smaller and for a small quantities of potatoes, and it is also cheaper than the first one.

Because its design is so simple, that makes it very easy for you to clean after slicing. You can just take the blade off and clean straight away.

Grade French Fry Cutter

In terms of size and strength, this one might be best. All the whole body is made from stainless steel, and its four legs have been attached with the sticky rubber to make sure it won’t move during your slicing.

You can do the slicing with either potatoes or other fruits and vegetables, there is no problem for this one.

A commercial use is also a function it is built for.

Veggie Dicer Plastic French Fry Cutter

The Veggie dicer plastic French fry cutter looks so fresh and clean. It will allow you to slide your potatoes easily without having to use a lot of energy on it.

Of the normal size of the potatoes, you may have to cut it into half first before you could feed it in.

It will be a fun process to turn your potatoes into slices with this chopper, and more importantly, it is very affordable.

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

The Culina French Fry potato cutter is designed for a forceless operation. You will find it so easy cutting your potatoes.

It should also thank to the curve design at the bottom.

It makes this usable for potatoes or fruits of many different shapes.

The blade it has is exchangeable and is very easy to clean. The package you will buy will come with the two blade sizes so that you have options when cutting your potatoes or fruits.

LEM Products French Fry Cutter

This is LEM products of the French Fry cutter. However, the design is so similar to the Culina one above.

But, this one comes with the two stainless steel blades which one is for a big potatoes slice and the other one for a thinner potato.

For the best use, you should cut your potatoes into half first before sliding it and never use that with the sweet potatoes.

Progressive GPC-2549 French Fry Cutter

This GPC-2549 French fry cutter is another one of around $50. There are two blades with 25 and 49 holes. So, you can decide how big you want your potatoes to be with the stainless steel blades.

Its design is specifically done for your cutting ease. You can just peel your potatoes, cut it into half.

Then, the slicing will be easily done with a gentle squeeze.

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

This is among the best French Fry cutters if you have a big family who need a lot of French Fries each time.

The strength of this can handle a lot of potatoes each time.

As so, it is as well very ok to have it for the commercial use such as in the restaurant. More importantly, it won’t take you a lot to maintenance this one beside cleaning it. Also, it is very durable.

New MTN Gearsmith Preminum Deluxe

The last one French fry cutter now is the New NTN Gearsmith Preminum Deluxe. It looks a little bit different among the rest.

Specifically, It comes with many different size of blades as you can see in the picture. That might give you more options with your potatoes slicing.

That would save a lot of your money too for not buying many potato cutters for many blades you need. This is really a premium product. Its cost is also a little bit higher than the rest.

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