Best Fitting Panty

Best Fitting PantyMany women are unaware of the range of options available for sexy panties. From French cut to boy shorts and thongs to bikinis, sexy panties can be found in virtually any style. Sexy panties can be both practical and comfortable. Here is what you should know to find the perfect pair of the best fitting panty.

Know Your Panty Size

Although it seems obvious, many women do not truly know what size panties they should wear. Panties that are too small will feel tight and uncomfortable and may cause unsightly lines. Panties that are too big will bag and gap uncomfortably. Check the fit of the panties you already own to see if they fit properly.

Styles of Sexy Panties

Boy shorts are fun and flirty. They provide excellent full coverage without sacrificing sex appeal. Boy shorts typically lack the seaming that creates panty lines, making them an excellent choice under tighter clothing.

Briefs are another name for classic, traditional panties. They have a full cut with seams around the legs and provide complete coverage. Briefs remain popular, despite some women’s preference for thongs. They are generally thought of as utilitarian rather than sexy panties, but in the right fabric and style can be quite sensual.

Bikinis are a variation on the traditional best fitting panty. Featuring high cut legs and low waists, bikinis are perfect under today’s low rise clothing. Many bikinis are aimed at a youthful, flirty market. However, string bikinis in sensual fabrics such as satin are widely available and quite sexy.

Thongs and g-strings have been extremely popular in the past few years. Both provide frontal coverage but feature a thin strip of fabric in the back. The fabric strip of a thong is wider and more substantial than the string of a g-string. Some women claim that these are more comfortable than briefs. Others feel that the fabric strip is uncomfortable. Both styles are considered very sexy.


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