Best External USB Surround Sound Cards

Best External USB Surround Sound CardsSurround card cards are highly innovative great devices that, quite impressively, allow you to enjoy wonderful audio experience from a laptop or desktop computer. In most cases, you will need an external surround sound card to get the overall audio quality oozing from your device improved. However, you need to be well informed before you commit to buy any of these devices. As such, this article takes you through the top 10 best external USB surround sound cards in 20126 reviews to help you discover your best deal. Most people are interested in these models, and those who have used them before have attested to their performance quality by submitting positive and high rated reviews about them. You too will be no doubt impressed with these device’s quality and delivery.

10. Eastvita 7.1 Channel USB

This is one of the top 10 recommended external surround sound cards with lots of beneficial features. It can comfortably improve sound from any desktop speaker that has 3.5mm headphone hack. It features a digital class B amplifier that is quite powerful, providing with audio quality with dynamic surround sound background, especially if used with great computers.

9. Togoo TopOne 7.1 Channel

When you need to enjoy all sound benefits from a complete set of speakers without having to pay over the nose, this is a highly recommended device. It is an affordable model of an external USB surround sound card that most people use today. When you purchase this device you will also get Xear three-dimensional sound stimulation application, which is highly useful in transforming your stereo speakers/earphones to offer 7.1-channel surround. It is easy to use, for all is required of you is plug in this device to the computer USB port and you are good to go.

8. HDE 7.1 USB Sound Card

Many people have used this device with satisfaction, and more want to use it today. The HDE 7.1 model of external USB surround-sound card makes you enjoy great sound-lifting features. Powered by computer USB bus, there is no need to find external power source when using this device. The model further features some LED indicators to provide you with information about the audio status.

7. Creative Labs USB Sound Blaster

This is one among the most highly popular models of surround system available on the marketplace today. The unit comes with several greatly reliable features, giving it the power to deliver cinema-like surround sound as you enjoy your movie of choice. The device supports X-fi crystallizer technology that allows you to restore any details as well as vibrancy from your choice audio. You are able to expand your preferred stereo music into great surround sound, and the device allows convenient and comfortable use for anyone.

6. Sewell Direct Sound Box

Compact and small, allowing for trouble-free portability, this external USB sound card adds great versatility and easily adaptable functionality to any sound processing requirements. The complete assembly is not bigger than a deck of cards, but its power to amplify sound is almost unmatched. Its 3.5mm jacks provide ready interfacing with many HiFi systems. As a superbly functional Plug-n-Play gadget, all you need is to hook it to a high-speed USB port, and it’s all-systems-go.

5. Creative Sound-Blaster Omni USB

Incorporating the most recent of SBX Pro and Crystal Voice technologies it is an easy to use Plug-n-Play gadget that allows you to enjoy quality surround-sound audio on your Mac computer or PC. Whether you are playing a game, watching block-buster movie, or on online apps like Skype or YouTube, you will be enjoying them on an elevated scale thanks to this innovative device. It takes you only a minute to get it installed and configured, providing nearly instantaneous lift of normal PC audio to a fully cinematic surround-sound in 5.1-channel versatility.

4. Syba USB External Virtual

This surround-sound card has some great features for your benefit. You can easily connect it to your computer or laptop thanks to its easy USB connectivity. It allows you to enjoy the most benefits of sound improvement as you watch movie or play game on your computer. It features several highly functional keys on its surface, among them microphone-mute and speaker-mute, volume-down and volume-up. Moreover, it has LED indicators for better versatility and ease of use.

3. EC Technology External USB Surround Card

If you are in need of a high quality surround-sound card, choosing this model is never regrettable. It features C-media chip, helping provide ideal bypass to any laptop or desktop computer. You do not require a drive for this device, meaning you can externally install this surround-sound card with no hardships at all. Moreover, you won’t be dealing with any annoyingly complicated cables, which allows you to fully enjoy your moments as you use this device for bolstering your sound system.

2. Virtual 5.1-surround USB 2.0 External Sound Card

Not bigger than an average pen-drive, this model of external surround-sound card provides a great level of versatility that is hardly available with other models. This model makes use of a USB drive that is already installed in order to necessitate no downloads or time-consuming optical drive installation processes. Again, it requires no external power supply for it derives all the power it requires to run from the computer via the USB plug. This card provides the full quality functionality of a PCI sound card that is fully fledged, including three-dimensional rendering virtual 5.1-channel surround effect.

1. Sabrent Virtual External USB 2.0

Compact, functional, and indisputably robust in performance, this surround sound adapter is the ultimate device to provide incredibly well processed, high quality cinematic audio projection wherever you need it. This great device does not require any external power supply, yet it provides the most incredible interface with any PC and top definition surround-sound home-theater sound system. Whether you are streaming audio or audio, r even gaming on the web, you will find it quite epic with this device. And the fact that you are going to enjoy all these at an affordable cost puts this device on the top among the most popular, best functional external USB surround sound cards today.

There are other models of these devices on the market, of course. However, the above described top 10 best external USB surround sound cards in 2016 reviews stand apart as the best quality performance models today. You won’t go wrong by choosing any of the above options.

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