Best Cycling Gloves

Best Cycling GlovesIf you fancy riding your bike and you now want to improve and enjoy the activity more, buying the best quality cycling gloves is the next right thing to do. Such gloves are very useful in providing good protection on your both hands. The market has several types of these accessories. What you need to do is compare the available models, checking what features they have. Although it might be a bit challenging for a beginner to choose the right one since there are so many out there, this article simplifies it for you by highlighting the top 10 best cycling gloves in 2016 reviews. Here they are:

10. Cgecko Shockproof Glove

You can use this glove to support your cycling activity for an improved performance. It is made of lightweight material that is also flexible, making your hands feel comfortable in them. This product further features gel palm insert for helping distribute pressure on the hand evenly. As such, using this glove reduces hand fatigue and the risk of injury. It also boasts a wrist tab closure that is easy to control and manage, ensuring that the glove stays in place. The glove is shockproof for added comfort and safety to your hands.

9. Louis Garneau Men’s 12c Air Gel

This is one among the most popular cycling gloves available today on the market. It is made of lycra material that is very durable. This material is also very comfortable, providing smooth and soft feeling on the hands of any customer. It is a glove with good flexion to ensure great flexibility. Using this glove properly reduces hand fatigue as well as vibrations on your palms. It comes in several colors for you to pick your favorite.

8. Firelion Outdoor Cycling Glove

If you are looking for a good quality cycling glove, Firelion iss a top choice. It features a gel pad and breathable materials, making you feel real comfortable when you go for a ride wearing them. Firelion gloves allow you to effectively use your phone or tablet while wearing them, and they further feature absorbent and soft material that eliminates sweat from your palms and fingers as you ride. It is available in three colors—green, red, and black.

7. InBike Cycling Glove with Gel Pad

InBike is one of the most sought after cycling gloves today. It is a quality product that provides many benefits to add to your cycling experience. It is made of a number of premium quality materials, among them PVC, cotton, polyester, as well as select nylon, all coming together to provide a comfortable cycling experience. InBike gloves also have superfine fabric for ensuring slip resistance for safe riding.

6. Qepae Non-Slip Glove

This is another high quality product popular among the best cycling gloves. It is a non-slip model specially designed to boost your cycling performance. Well known for being elastic, it makes you feel quite comfortable to use while riding. They further are breathable to keep your hands cool and well aerated. Using this glove properly will ensure optimum protection to your palms/hands. It comes in different sizes, including medium, large and extra large. Both men and women can use this model of gloves.

5. Pearl Izumi Men’s Conductive Glove

Pearl Izumi is a well known brand, and this men’s glove is made of high quality materials, including premium polyethylene, polyester, spandex and polyamide, as well as polyurethane. These materials combine to ensure you have the most comfortable and high performance gloves for your riding. The glove further features conductive synthetic leather for allowing you operate your phone or tablet while wearing them. Looking at the surface of this glove, you will notice attractive design which is quite interesting and inspiring to nearly every user.

4. Pearl Izumi Women’s W Attack Glove

This is another top ranking cycling glove for women also from Pearl Izumi. If you a lady in need of comfort and improved performance when riding, this model is for you. It is made special by its authentic leather palm which offers optimum comfort and also durability for your routine cycling. Further, there is a removal tab featuring a nice hook-and-loop closure, making the glove a very functional model to choose.

3. Giro Women’s Tessa Gloves

Giro Women’s Tessa are classical style gloves that are tailored for great comfort, fit and value. They are gel-padded to deliver comfortable feel. The model incorporates Giro’s Super Fit design that is ergonomic, and high quality build. It is a top pick for recreational riders and also offers the riders who need to enjoy riding in a more traditionally padded gloves.

2. Joyiqi Bicycle Cycling Gloves

The LED light featured on this cycling glove model makes it unique. When the switch of this LED light is turned on, it will blink to indicate to the rider/driver behind or if it is dark, show direction if your palm is held upright. This feature ensures added safety. The glove is waterproof and is easily hand-washable. In case you have an 8cm to 10 cm, you can consider this model.

1. Zookki Cycling Glove

This is a highly recommended model of cycling glove for your routine use. it is made of elasticized fabric to deliver great support to your riding needs. It is uniquely created to ensure comfortable and enjoyable experience to all users. Zookki brings this glove in some great colors, from which you can choose your favorite. Its touch-recognition system makes it possible for you to use your mobile devices like phone or tables with easy while you still have them on.

You might have heard or will hear of other models of cycling gloves also available on the market. However, none of those models can match the build quality, performance and safety provided by the above top 10 best cycling gloves in 2016 reviews. The above options have been expertly designed to meet the greatest cycling loving enthusiast who needs safe and improved performance on the track. As such, you can never get it wrong by choosing from the above options.

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