Best Cutting Boards

Best Cutting BoardsCutting board is one of the most important equipment for any kitchen as it is need at priority to cut vegetables before starting to prepare meals. Though it is not an expensive kitchen tool but still it should be the best in quality so that you can use it for long time. Size and material of the cutting board are the two main things to be considered while buying a cutting board. Reviews of the top 10 best cutting boards provided here under can help you in finding a suitable one for your kitchen.

10. 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

It is one of the most durable set of cutting boards introduced by Bamboo Style at a very reasonable price of less than $50 through Amazon. This set of cutting boards is made of high class eco friendly material. These bamboo chopping boards are stronger than maple boards. So they can be the perfect accessory for your kitchen to cut bread, meat, cheese and vegetable easily while preparing your meals. Being made of renewable material these cutting boards are approved by FDA as eco friendly.

9. Mountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board

You can buy this cutting board introduced by Mountain Woods through Amazon at a very affordable price of just about $35 with free shipping facility. Side routed handles, double tone thick wood and suitable size to fit every kitchen counter are some of the other features of this easy to handle butcher block style cutting board. 15 x 12 x 2 inches is a very ideal size of a cutting board which can suit to every kitchen.

8. Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board

This cutting board manufactured by Totally Bamboo is an ecologically sound, beautiful and functional tool for any kitchen as bamboo is much harder than even maple wood. Amazon offers this cutting board for just $28 which makes it suitable to every budget. This cutting board is easy to maintain and durable. You can use it for long time if you regularly rinse it with mild detergent and warm water. You can keep its sheen undamaged by apply a bit of mineral oil on it occasionally. Just smear a spoon of oil and it will look bright as new.

7. Camco 43753 Hardwood Stove Topper and Cutting Board

Camco has offered this cutting board for a bit less than $32 through Amazon so that everyone can add it to her kitchen. It never blunts your sharp knives. It safely remains in its place due to the non-skid coating on its back. In order to protect its wood finish a flexible cutting mat is provided over it. It is an ideal cutting board for all types of kitchens due to its rattle free feature and attractive look. 17 x 19 x inch is a suitable size of this cutting board for every kitchen.

6. Farberware 3-Piece Wood Cutting Board Set

Farberware has introduced this three piece set of cutting boards for near about $30 through Amazon for using it for all types of cutting works in the kitchens. It can be ideally used for cutting and serving poultry, bread and roasts. Grooved channel of these cutting boards holds down the spilling of juices while cutting juicy items. You can flip it over to the flat side to prepare vegetables or cutting bread etc. This set is made of durable farm grown hardwood in various sizes including 17 x 11 inches, 11 x 9 inches; 8 x 6 inches to be used as required.

5. 3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set

Bellissima Kitchen has introduced this dishwasher safe cutting board set made of acrylic polypropylene plastic at a very affordable price of $35 approximately through Amazon. Juice groove is another beneficial feature of this three piece set of plastic chopping boards. Non slip rubber handle allows you to carry them easily. These cutting boards do not splinter or crack just like bamboo and wooden cutting boards. They guarantee for customers’ satisfaction.

4. OXO Good Grips Cutting Board

OXO offers these cutting boards in various sizes including 7 Inch x 10 Inch, 10 Inch x 15 Inch, 12 Inch x 16 Inch and 15 Inch x 21 Inch to choose as per your requirement. They are available in three color variants including red, bamboo and black from which you can chose as per the environment of your kitchen and your liking. Amazon offers these cutting boards at a reasonable price of $15 approximately. These boards are made of odor resistant, non porous and durable polypropylene to last for longer period. Juice grooves and non-slip edges are the features of its double sided design.

3. Microban Antimicrobial Cutting Board

This orange colored cutting board from Uni ware is available in 17.5″x 12″ size which is enough for almost all types of kitchens. You can buy it for just $13.50 through Amazon with free shipping facility if you order for more than $35. It is a large sized multipurpose cutting board that every kitchen must have. It large size allows you to cut, slice and prepare all of your food ingredients. It is made of very strong and durable anti microbial material which can be cleaned easily after every use.

2. CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat with Food Icons

CounterArt has introduced cutting mat in a set of four pieces at a very nominal price of nearly $7 through Amazon. These cutting mats with food icons are available in assorted colors to suit the environment of every kitchen. You can roll it to shift the chopped food in to the pan easily.

1. Norpro Cut-N-Slice Flexible Cutting Boards

This Set of three cutting boards has been introduced by Norpro at a very reasonable price of just about $5 through Amazon. These made in USA cutting boards are available in a set of three. They are made of flexible material which protects you against cross contamination. They are offered in three color variants to use for three types of foods as green board can be used for chopping fruits and veggies, pink for meat and yellow for poultry and seafood. They are available in a suitable size of 14 x 9 inches which provides enough area for preparing meals.

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