Best Costumes for the Halloween Party

Best Costumes for the Halloween PartyYou may want to be uniquely weird for the costume party for this year Halloween.

If so, you might need to find a creative piece of art on your clothing to appear so.

But, that is not a big problem.

Let’s come and check out this list of the top 10 best costumes for the Halloween Party.

Sexy Swashbuckler Costume

This one is the dress of the actress in the Pirate of The Caribbean.

It is sex and beautiful.

I think you will look very unique with this dress on the costume party.

Maiden Costume

This one is to look strange but nice and beautiful.

Nothing scary like those Halloween costumes.

But, that is probably the reason why you look different because they are all very ugly.

Avatar Secret Wishes Neytiri Costume

If you like something weird and creative, go for this instead and play the role as a female Avatar character.

It is also a way to show how in good shape you look too, if you decide to choose this one.


Assassin’s Creed 5

Assassin’s dress? it is this one. Look at the man, he seems to be lurking to kill someone.

If you decide to pick up this dress, do not forget to also walk like you are lurking in the costume party.

That will be a lot of fun so.

Muscle Chest Superman Costume

Here it come. Another character of the super heroes.

Be a superman with handsome muscle chest. And, to be a bit more creative, you might have a batman mask with the Superman suit.

That is two in one combination.

The Captain Jack Sparrow custome

Still there is one character to go, and it is the Captain Jack Sparrow.

You still remember how messy he was in the movie?

Be one and see how it feels like.

Men’s Adult Gorilla Costume

Another common fun is to give people at the costume party some clues and let them guess who you are.

To do so, you will need a suit that covers all your body, and if so, this Gorilla costume could be a choice.


Women’s Huntress

If you don’t mind carrying these two stuff, get this one.

Oh, I forget. That looks so similar to the girl in Hunger Games.

Go and hunt some handsome boys at the party.

The Glamour Witch Costume

The witch costume one is another good option.

Actually, it possesses the witch image. However, to me, this lady looks very nice with the clothe.

And, it may look such nice in many others.

Biblical Wig and Beard

If instead, you do not need a whole cloth, you could spend less and just buy the fake wig and beard.

Be someone strange by that, that maybe enough to be also one among those weird friends.


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