Best Colognes For Men

Best Colognes For MenFrom trendy designer labels to classy fragrances, the best colognes portray your personality. The choices include spicy scent; musky or wispy clean aromas and natural or fresh scented fragrances that suit a wide range of your taste.

Each cologne style contains a matchless feature that creates a pleasurable reaction for some individuals, but may be repelling to others. The real test comes when the perfume is applied to check the chemistry of the body and evaluate the lasting effect of cologne. Name recognition and packaging also add to the intricacy of choosing the best men’s cologne. However, a few well-liked productions continue to dominate the top ten lists.

For years, countless cologne types have been in production and consumers who buy these perfumes are often opposed to change. The combination of receiving complements and enjoying the aroma triggers the urge to continue using these classy fragrances. Consumers in this group will often pay more for a product due to the permanent value and unswerving quality.

Here are the Top 10 best colognes for men in 2017 reviews. The list is mainly based on the product quality and the customer ratings. The survey was carried out on various social media platforms where consumers were asked questions.

10. Legend by Montblanc

The legend maintains with montblanc as a great choice for fragrance. The cologne gives you the seductive edge women may be looking for. It was ranked high by consumers enabling it to be in the top 10 2015 list. Legend by Montblanc (2011) is the best choice to try.

9. 1 million by Paco Rabanne

1 million by Paco Rabanne makes another top list as it is ranked number &asins=- for 2015. This cologne appears to find its way on most top lists and is rapidly climbing the charts as among the most won fragrance today. It was ranked high by the consumers, meaning it is amazing cologne with refreshing and energizing scent.

8. Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool water fragrance hit the top 10 list once more in 2017. The cologne contains a unique and fresh scent that can be enjoyed by nearly all men. The fragrance has been in the market for years and had loyal consumers. Cool water is special cologne worth trying.

7. Sex Panther 1.7-oz Cologne Spray

Even though it has a cocky name, this cologne suits men of all age groups. Its fragrance composition comprises lavender, juniper, white cedar, musk and sandalwood. When applied, it appears too bold; however, as the initial impression fades away, the scent changes into something unique and attractive. The note of lavender combines with the perfume of sandalwood to create a supernatural smell that excites and refreshes. The perfume has also found its name mentioned in the famous Hollywood blockbuster “Anchorman,” as the cologne for attracting ladies.

6. BURBERRY Brit Rhythm

Burberry Touch by Burberry is popularly for high-quality coats and clothing, attracts consumers who enjoy a visible yet classic fragrance. The perfume combines spicy notes such as vanilla and nutmeg with a slight musky tone. The products find its way in the top ten lists 2015 because it is cologne with invigorating and permanent fragrance that is recognized easily. Besides, its fresh aroma gives men wearing confidence.

5. Curve by Liz Claiborne

Curve is a fragrance from popular Liz Claiborne. The cologne is for people who love refreshing crisp scents. The perfume is based on notes of bergamot, musk, ginger, pineapple, lemon, and lavender that refresh and re-energize. In addition, it has a light aroma of floral and spicy notes including sage and coriander, which lie at its base. The cologne is enriched with a strong smell of musk and cedar wood, formulating the complete unique bouquet. The cologne is popular among youths, but can also be used by men of all ages. Due to its potent, the fragrance should be applied in moderation. Men and women love it. If you are the type that love bold smell that will differentiate you from the rest, this product is the best choice.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

After its release in 1994, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme won awards. From then it has dominated the top ten lists. in 2017, it found its way again in the top 10 best cologne for men. The cologne is truly masculine. Its fragrance composition consists of tobacco, spices and woods. The perfume creates a classy and sophisticated appeal and may be the best choice for dressy occasions.

3. Lucky You Cologne

As the name reveals, wearing it, you may be lucky! It is one of the top fragrances in 2017. It comprises oriental hints, although it is light and fresh. Although it has mainly a fresh note of green grass, the major components are musk, sandalwood, cardamom, with echoes of rosewood and bamboo. In general, it is a warm, fascinating, innovative fragrance that suits all types of occasions, whether at night or daytime. The perfume is highly concentrated; thus, even a single spray can last for long. Although, it is quite difficult to know the exact components of the intricate harmony, it will attract the attention of women due to its smooth and soft based wood scent. Most users believe it is among the best cologne on earth.

2. PherX Pheromone Cologne For Men

Although PherX pheromone is not the ordinary cologne that men are used to, since it lacks a notable smell that we can immediately recognize, it is based on penetration in scientific knowledge and technology. The perfume contains oil with high concentration level of pheromones that act upon a subliminal level to attract women. The biology experts, scientists and pharmacology doctors worked together to develop this cologne. The main intention being; developing means of influencing the human behavior. PherXpheromone Cologne for men is a sensual fragrance that can easily attract the attention of a woman and provoke her romantic emotions. This cologne is sexually provocative. Even if there is no clears proof on this, the perfume adds strength and confidence whose use it often.

1. Nautica Voyage Cologne by Nautica

It is light blue cologne produced by Nautica. The cologne resembles sea water that comes in a simple, yet beautiful bottle. It provides a fresh, energizing fragrance, based on fragrance combination such as mimosa, apple, oak, cedar, musk and lotus. Voyage cologne is popular for lasting long, without causing discomfort, even with minimum applied product. You can use it both day and night because it has a versatile clean aquatic and woody scent. In fact, it is a fragrance for confident men. You will like this refreshing cologne. However, do research before buying it, as prices varies from one retail shops to another.

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