Best Bird Feeder

Best Bird FeederNo matter how much people love birds, having birds as pets or inviting your feathered friends to come around your yards has always been a very difficult task for most people, and it leads them to give up this idea.

The difficulty results from the fact that you need to find a very technical way of how to feed those birds, so you can have a good time seeing them and you do not mess up your place.

The problem can be solved if you check out the following top 10 best affordable bird feeders reviews.


Sunset Vista Design 91213 Lodge Collection Bear Hug Bird House

Bear Hug Bird House bird feeder is suitable for outdoor type with the composition of front metal and back wooden.

You can easily hang it from anywhere with wire hanger already attached to it. With its size of 12-inch length and 6-inch width, it is right for baby birds.

It can be used as both the feeding place and shelter. You will also find it easy to call the birds with the chime comes along with it.

Droll Yankees ABF15Y American Bird Yellow Finch Feeder, 15-Inch by 5-Inch, Yellow

Droll Yankees bird feeder is designed with powder-coated metal finish cap, base and perches, which help avoid them from cracking and being stained.

It is good for perching birds, but not for clinging ones. The 3 perches going through the body of the feeder make up 6 seeds ports.

It is attractive to American finches. Seeds that fit this feeder the most are sunflower and mixed seed.

NO/NO MSB00344 Mushroom Mesh Wild Best Bird Feeder

Mushroom Mesh Wild bird feeder is named after its shape of a mushroom. It is totally made of powder-coated metal.

It serves right for birds that are able to hang themselves vertically along with the container. You can easily open up the top to fill with seeds and peanuts.

In case it is hung outdoor, the top can work as an umbrella to keep the feeds from rainfall. The container can store seed up to 0.7 lb.

NO/NO RSB00344 Ladybug Mesh Wild Bird Feeder

Powder-coated-metal Ladybug Mesh Wild looks just like a big ladybug, which is considered a decorative and fun design.

Its six legs serve as perches for perching birds. Moreover, its mesh body is used as the food container and enables clinging birds to take the food from the holes.

It is capable of storing 0.6 lb. of sunflower seed, peanuts or suet which are considered suitable for this type of bird feeder.

Miles Kimball Eleanor Bird Feeder

Miles Kimball Eleanor bird feeder features a complicated decoration, which, in overall, makes it looks like a rectangular box made up of metal bars.

The design intends to keep squirrels away from entering. This type is right for small birds with drainage holes and 6 perches.

It measures 15 inch high by 5 inch sq.

PetsN’all Hanging Gazebo Bird Feeder

Hanging Gazebo provides access of different kinds of birds to fresh dry seeds. The top can be locked to the container by twisting, which helps keep the seed dry for long and prevent squirrels from opening it.

You can hang it at a tree or pole using its hanging cable already attached to it. It is easy to clean and uses Gazebo, and it can contain up to 2 lb of seeds.

Gazebo provides enough space for perching, the whole family and friends can enjoy the food together.

PetsN’all Chickadee, Finch, Small Bird Window Bird Feeder, Squirrel-Proof

With its light weight and clear view, PetsN’all Chickadee bird feeder makes itself look cool when attached to a wall, especially a glass one, using sturdy suction cups that can be adhered in all types of weather.

Open-air perch makes birds easy to settle by not hovering while eating.

It takes you less than a minute to clean it. Picky birds are more attracted to this type of feeder.

No/No Bronze Tray Bird Feeder BZUD00326

Bronze Tray Bird Feeder looks simples but physically strong. It is made of all metal components which can last for years and resist damage made by squirrels and bad weather, especially protect birds from avian diseases.

Suitable seed for this type is sunflower seed. It can handle 5 lb of seeds and 10 to15 clinging and perching birds. Drainage holes and mesh style keep the seeds fresher and longer than other feeders can do.

Birds such as nuthatches, woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, jays, grosbeaks, and finches are most likely attracted by this feeder.

Soda Bottle Thistle Feeders, 2 Pack MADE IN USA

Soda Bottle Thistle bird feeder has neat design and is easy to assemble of all time.

You can easily replace the bottle with one from your kitchen in case the existing one is broken.

Thistle seed is very suitable for it. Finches and chickadees will be attracted to your garden. Come with this top rated bird feeder are base, hanger, funnel and two feeders.

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