Best Baseball Gloves

Best Baseball GlovesBaseball is probably one of the most popular sports in the US and several other countries. It is so popular that youngsters enroll to play in junior leagues. A lot of people play it in their own backyards while others just enjoy having a glove in their home as a token of appreciation for the game. There are a lot of models available to choose from made from various fabrics and in different colors. There are gloves for left handed and right handed people and come in different sizes. Here are the top 10 best baseball gloves in 2017 reviews based on their price, build quality and fabrics used.

10. Easton BX1250B Baseball Glove

The Easton BX1250B is an affordable glove perfect for small practice games in the backyards. It is inexpensive and well built. The glove comes in back with light brown accents making it look similar to the professional ones. It has a lock down Velcro strap and features both softball and baseball patterns. The materials used are mostly synthetic leather of good quality with a padded interior and a contoured pad for the index finger. In terms of sizes, the model can be found starting at 9 inches and all the way up to 14 making it available for both children and adults.

9. Rawlings Player Preferred First Base Mitt

Rawlings has more than a few models of baseball gloves available but the First Base Mitt looks and feels better than most. It is made from full-grain leather with a classic brown color and darker brown accents. It has multiple leather lacings and can fit a wide range of hand sizes. The overall look of the glove resembles the traditional ones used by professional baseball players which make it feel not only authentic but comfortable as well. It is an inexpensive baseman mitt that can fit both children and adults with small hands with the aid of its adjustment laces.

8. Mizuno GMVP1300S1 MVP Softball Fielder’s Mitt

The Mizuno glove is one of the products that feels extremely well on the hand and looks great. It is made of a soft brown leather with black lacings and several imprints on the wrist and one of the fingers. The glove was made for fielders with its infield/outfield pattern. According to the consumer reviews the glove is extremely durable and the leather does not show wear and tear. It is a bit more expensive than other gloves but this is justified by the use of natural leather and excellent build quality.

7. Franklin Sports Field Flex Teeball Glove and Ball

The Franklin Sports Field Flex glove is an inexpensive product that is aiming for the ones that have a limited budget. It is less than $20 and decently built. The glove is made mostly out of synthetic leather and textile materials that are durable. Its design was made to fit left handed players and features a no break-in construction. The glove also comes with a ball which adds more value to the product which is already quite inexpensive.

6. Rawlings Savage Series 10-inch Infield/Outfield Baseball Glove

The number 6 spot goes to another inexpensive glove that offers a decent balance of quality and value. It is made for right handed throwers of various hand sizes. The placement of laces and adjustable wrist makes it usable by both adults and children. The glove itself is made of black and brown leather with white laces and imprints on the wrist and interior of the glove. It also has a conventional flex loop with Neo Flex and a 90% factory break in.

5. Wilson A360 Series 13″ Slowpitch Softball Glove

When it comes to inexpensive gloves the Wilson models take the prize for excellent build quality and value for money. The A360 has been one of their better selling models with buyers praising its grip and construction. It is made of black and brown leather and black laces. The model is available for right handed or left handed players. It is usable by both adults and teens due to its adjustable wrist and laces. Build quality is more than decent and the leather should be able to stand the test of time and wear and tear.

4. Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit First Base Baseball Glove

The first base players will surely appreciate the Wilson game ready glove. It is one of the better products featuring soft brown eco leather and matching laces. According to the manufacturers the leather used was specifically picked to provide a soft sensation and durability. The low profile heel gives extra flexibility to the glove which actually helps on bad-hop grounders. The palm construction provides improved stability due to the extra leather used.

3. Mizuno GMVP1275B1 MVP Baseball Fielder’s Mitt

Looking at premium gloves the Mizumo manages to stand out due to its natural leather construction and comfortable feel. It is mainly made of brown natural leather that has been well treat to be soft and pleasant to touch. It has a outfield pattern and Ichiro web with a decently soft and comfortable palm liner. It is a bit more expensive but it is well justified by the quality and build.

2. Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove

Wilson can be considered one of the most popular brands of baseball gloves. Their infield and pitcher glove is one of the most appreciated gloves. It is made of brown eco leather that is made to be soft and comfortable. The double palm construction provides improved stability due the extra piece of leather used in the interior. Its low profile heel adds even more flexibility becoming a bit more forgiving on bad-hop grounders.

1. Louisville Slugger 12.5-Inch FG Omaha Select Baseball Infielders Glove

Louisville does not have that many glove models available but the few ones that they do have are more than appreciated by the buyers. The Slugger is one of their best gloves with an almost perfect review score. It is made of black and gray leather with white laces which makes it look great. The leather itself is oil treated to enhance the feel and fit of the glove. On the exterior side it has several imprints that give it a professional look and it is quite inexpensive.

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