Best Baby Walkers

Best Baby WalkersThere will always come a time when a baby has to start learning how to walk on his own. If you are a mother or anyone tasked with taking care of a baby, it’s highly recommended that you avail of a baby walker to help the infant learn how to use his own legs. Now, there are dozens of baby walkers being sold in the market today. Choosing which one to buy can sometimes be confusing especially if you’ve never bought a walker before. With that said, you are going to find this article very valuable as we’ve listed below the top 10 best baby walkers in 2017 reviews. If you’re going to purchase a baby walker, let it be one or more of these.

10. The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

One of the most trusted names in the baby products industry is Fisher Price. With that said, this baby walker manufactured by the company is among the best in the market today. Built to help the baby develop motor skills and coordination, the Jumperoo is a must-have for mothers who want to fast-track the development of their babies. The great thing about the Jumperoo is that it encourages interaction with the baby through bright colors, fun sounds, lights, and music. Costing only $89, this baby walker is very affordable given all its various and interactive features.

9. The Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

Don’t let this walker’s simple and minimalist designs fool you. What it lacks in design, it more than makes it up in function and durability. First of all, this walker has built-in music and rhythm features that encourage development in the child. It’s also amazingly easy to use and clean. The padded seat is removable so you can easily take it out for a thorough washing. The walker can be folded flat which means you can take it almost anywhere. When it comes to safety, this walker has several features that protects the baby from possible injuries or accidents. For instance, it has brake pads which can prevent the walker from falling down stairs. Priced at just $69.99, it’s very affordable.

8. The Soho Designs Baby Walker

This is specially designed and manufactured to serve as an assisting tool when helping a baby learn how to walk. It was designed by professionals with knowledge on how babies develop their motor skills. Most mothers assist their babies in learning to walk by manually holding their hands. This can be very tiring and back-breaking. Now, with the help of this product by Soho, a mother can assist her baby without having to physically hold her. The item is fully adjustable according to the chest measurement of the baby. This product is very cheap because it only costs $4.30.

7. The Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Activity Walker

Safety 1st is another trusted brand name so their products are often of great quality. This baby walker in particular is built with practicality in mind. It’s very sturdy and it has a lot of features that babies will find enjoyable and fun. For a start, it has five built-in toys that will entertain the baby. These toys come with music in the form of 12 unique songs, other sounds, and colorful lights. Furthermore, the seat is adjustable. And last but not the least, it has a removable activity tray and a frame that can be easily folded down. It has a price tag of $38.24.

6. The Plan Toy Baby Walker

This is the perfect walker for babies with ages between ten months and three years. It’s a traditional item the main goal of which is to help babies take their first steps and develop stronger legs. The handle bar has been designed to maintain stability and safety while the baby uses the walker. It can also be adjusted depending on the height of the baby using it. To keep the baby entertained, the walker includes 24 colored blocks. The walker can be purchased at just $64.26.

5. The Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

With this sturdy walker, a baby can develop his or her motor skills faster and safer. Since it can also be folded, it’s portable and can be taken anywhere. Among the walker’s interactive functions are flipping doors, spinning panels, turning gears, and sliding beads. Costing only $22.98, it’s a great deal.

4. The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

Packed with over a dozen features, a baby will never get tired in playing with this one-of-a-kind walker. These features include piano keys, colorful spinning rollers, light-up shape buttons, spinning gears, and a detachable telephone handset. Costing only $29, this is a great and affordable deal.

3. The Evenflo ExerSaucer Beach Baby

This is probably one of the most interactive baby products ever made. It’s a whole play environment in one small package. made from ocean blue plastic, this is a product that will not only help the baby develop motor skills, it will also teach him other skills like object exploration, hand-eye coordination, tactile development, and cause/effect learning. It has a price tag of $59.99.

2. The Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Discovery Walker Dino

Built with colorful materials and designed with a dinosaur theme, this walker is well-loved by babies. On the walker’s tray are five very interactive toys with dinosaur themes. For further entertainment, these toys has built-in sounds and lights. The toys can slide to cover the tray making it even more interactive. Furthermore, the seat can be adjusted for up to three heights. This walker is very affordable because it only costs $36.19.

1. The Joovy Spoon Walker Greenie

The most noticeable thing about this walker is its minimalist but very stylish design. With a green seat and a white frame, the walker looks like something from a science fiction movie. These trivial things aside, this walker has great features and functions. If you are looking for stability, strength, mobility and safety, this walker is quite unparalleled. The tray is also wider than average and it comes with a removable insert. The insert is also easy to clean as it is safe to put into a dishwasher. As for the green seat pad, it’s not only supportive and very comfortable, it’s also machine washable. This walker has a price tag of $84.99.

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