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Best Baby Swing

Baby swings are almost essential when it comes to helping your precious newborn sleep or just calm down or stay in place. A good swing can save you lots of time and effort in this regard. A thing that many people don’t know is that a baby swing is designed in such a way as to resemble the rhythm and the motion experienced when in the womb. This means that the baby will likely feel more familiar inside of it and you will remain care-free. There are many characteristics of a good quality swing that will make this process easier than ever.

Baby swings are categorized according to their size first. The size of the swing is based on the weight of the infant which means that if a baby weights around 20 pounds, the size and weight will fit the baby accordingly. Baby swings also come with various speeds and other elements e.g. teddies hanging, baby music.

The energy source of most baby swings are batteries with some models offering up to 200 hours of swinging motion. These swings produce a special noise designed to calm-down babies, although for many adults the noise may sound unpleasant. The majority of swings have a back and forth type of motion although some swings may swing from right to left for example. It is absolutely vital that straps are attached to prevent any accident.

Even though most models are battery-operated, a small portion is actually corded with a plug-in feature. Most models (both battery operated and electricity operated) are designed to be carried easily, but some are on the heavier side and are designed to stand still on the floor. Since they occupy some of your room’s space, they might not be the right thing if the room isn’t full. Keep in mind also that swings are mostly used in infants and not “big” babies over 6 months. Of course there are swings fro grown up babies, but if your baby has reached the stage of crawling, swings are not needed.

The main downside of baby swings is that some babies may find the movement of rocking unpleasant and start whining. This is also something that depends on the model, as babies may reject one while feeling totally at ease with another one. If your baby seems to reject a swing repetitively and starts complaining, purchase a different one with different features.

Another thing that you should be aware off, especially if it’s your first baby, is that you should always be present and never leave the baby alone.


When choosing a model for the first time, make sure that the whole design is heavy duty and high quality—you don’t want to risk your baby’s safety by purchasing something with unsteady posts and legs. The seat should be also cushioned, portly and have a crotch position. Of course no swing will be complete without safety belts.

Furthermore, it is suggested that you buy a new swing instead of a used one as used ones tend to wear off and become less stable and safe with time. Some older models also may not comply with federal regulations of safety.

Main factors to consider before making your choice:

–Main energy source: As mentioned earlier swings either run on batteries or on a cord and plug in. Decide which is more convenient and cost-effective for you.

–Safety features: Complete swings come with a safety harness to stop the baby from falling down. The harness has usually 3 points although 5 points may also be found in some models.

–Strength: It is wise to purchase a swing with a steady and strong frame so that it doesn’t get pushed when the baby swings. It also important to be able to fold in case of travel or transfer elsewhere.

–Type of motion and speed features. The majority of swings swing from the back to the front, although some models may swing from one side to the other. Swings may offer from 2 to 8 speeds starting from very slow to fast. If you are going to use a speed for the first time, set the lowest and then gradually increase according to your baby’s level of comfort.

–Standards of safety. Make sure that the model you bought carries a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal of approval either on the swing or on the outer package.

–Ease of cleaning . The swing may easily get dirty from your baby’s saliva or even diaper leakage, so look for a model that makes the cleaning process a breeze.

–Level of comfort. Cushioned and well-padded swings increase the level of comfort, especially in models where the motion is cradle type.


There are several big brands in the baby swing market.

1.) Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing Overview

How to Choose the Best Baby Swing

This swing is ideal for a baby who just wants to lie and swing, in a cradle motion. What makes this swing stand out its attached snugabunny seat with a comfortable cushion and harness for safety. The swing also features a small mirror and birds hanging to entertain your baby. Regarding the motion type the swing can go both ways and either sway from one side to another or front to back and the seat can be set accordingly. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing comes with 6 different speeds, and 4 sounds to choose from. The swing can be folded when not needed and be easily stored on a wardrobe for example or carried when travelling e.g. in your car.

Overall, Cradle ‘n Swing is great option for parents who are looking to keep their baby, calm, comfortable and safe—the babies also seem to love the sounds and toys attached and the swing seems to work like a charm in keeping your baby distracted, so that you have more time to make chores and do something else besides keeping an eye for the baby.

2.) Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Sweetie

This swing here is one of the few models that operates both with batteries and through a plug-in—an excellent option for those who can’t make up their mind on which model to choose. This especially practical when you change rooms and want to carry the swing without any hassle and without having to worry about batteries. The swing is designed is such a way to suit both genders and has not too fancy look to match with various surroundings. Furthermore, the swing cans saw both from one side to the other and back and forth. Its cushioning and soft material makes it extra comfortable for your baby. Lastly the swing also features some entertaining for your baby sounds to keep it pleasantly distracted for longer. Full review.

3.) Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker

Although many models either swing back and forth or from one side to another, there is a small portion of models designed to sway both ways—and since you don’t know which motion your baby will prefer, this is the perfect solution to this issue.

So whether your baby prefers a cradle or rocking type of motion, this will satisfy all your needs. This particular model also comes with other useful and practical features like: a cushioned seat with a two point harness, a cord with a plug-in and battery insertion, pleasant baby sounds, and JPMA seal of approval. This swing by Graco also comes with 6 different speeds beginning from slow to fast so you can gradually adjust to suit desired speed without overwhelming the baby. Furthermore, the swing position and angle has 3 different settings to keep the baby feeling at ease. Other secondary features of the model, include rotating baby toys, soft material and a timer that helps save energy in case you have decided to run in on batteries and don’t want to look for replacements very soon.

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