Best Baby Sun Hats

Best Baby Sun HatsEvery parent wants to protect their infants from the sun, however avoiding the sun is nearly impossible to do. As a better way to handle it, many parents choose to put their little one into a hat rather than put harmful chemicals on their delicate skin. Because of this common concern for all parents, clothing makers are creating new hats every day to protect little heads. The choices can be overwhelming so here is the top 10 best baby sun hats in 2017 reviews for you to consider for your little one.

10. Floppy Tops Ultra Reversible Sun Hat

Variety is always good and not only does this hat have two colors per hat, it also has several colors of hats to choose from. This hat protects little heads from the sun and the rain. It is great for little boys or little girls. It folds into a clipable pouch so that you can easily attach it to the stroller or put it into a pocket, purse, or diaper bag.

9. Luvable Friends Girl’s Sun Hat

This is a cute little hat for little girls. It will fit your little one up until they are about 36 months. You can choose from a pink fruit design or a pink flowers design. The good part about these hats for little girls is the fact that it is made of 100% cotton and it has a large brim. There is also a tie that you can use to ensure that it does not come off of her head, even while she is hard at play.

8. Reversible Microfiber Bucket Hat for Boys

This cute hat has turtles on one side and a basic blue on the other. The solid blue side has a small logo on the front. Both sides will give your little boy protection from the sun at a rating of UPF 50+. It has a removable chin strap and it is made of only the best materials available to protect him from the sun without you needing to use sunblock on his skin and head. There are a variety of sizes available and it folds easily into any beach bag you have.

7. Trend Lab Bucket Hat

Trend Labs gives you the options that most parents want. There are only two sizes available, 6 months and 2T but they make up for this by providing variety to their colors and patterns. These hats are made with 100% cotton. The lining inside is 100% cotton decking fabric which will give you exceptional protection from the sun for your little boy or girl.

6. My Swim Baby Sun Hat

This is the cute hat that is simple in design and not bold in color like some of the other baby hats. It will protect your baby’s head and face from the sun so that you will have less reason to put on sunblock. This is great for baby’s sensitive skin. It is reversible so that you can choose a solid color or a pattern. If the hat becomes wet, it will dry quickly and it ties under the chin to keep it in place on their head. To wash, simply throw it in the washer.

5. Precious Cargo Infant Bucket Cap

This hat is available in a variety of colors that are ideal for a boy or a girl. They are one size fits all and made of 100% cotton brushed twill. They also have a Jersey lining. A chin strap with a hook and loop closure will also help to ensure that your baby will not end up losing their hat while playing, even if you are on the beaches and there is a strong sea breeze blowing in.

4. iPlay Baby Boys Infant Flap Hat

This infant hat offers great protection from the sun at a rating of UPF 50+. It is available in four colors, machine washable, and truly adorable on any little boy. It is made of 100% polyester with a microfiber wickaway lining inside. An easy tie will ensure that it stays on while he plays and you will never have to sunblock again.

3. iPlay Bucket Sunhat

This cute hat for little boys can have fire trucks or turtles and any number of other unique designs for you to choose from. They are all made of polyester on the outside and microfiber wickaway lining on the inside. They are also reasonably priced and excellent protection against the suns harmful rays. Cleaning them as easy as well.

2. iPlay Baby Girls Classic Brim Sun Hat

This hat is great for little girls who want to play out in the sun. There are a variety of colors available, each with a unique pattern. They are made of 100% polyester and easy to machine wash. They also provide the little girl in your life with a UPF protection of 50+ to ensure her delicate skin is never burned by the sun as well as pull on closer to help you get her to wear it. It has a microfiber and wick away lining as well to ensure that it does not get too hot for her to wear. Throw it into the wash and it will come out clean every time.

1. Millymook Girls Reversible Cotton Sun Hat

Give your little girl a hat that gives her sun protection at a rating of UPF50+ and have her look truly adorable while doing it with this vintage style hat for infants. The chin strap is removable and it is softly cushioned to ensure that it is comfortable on her head. It is also reversible so that you can choose from a flowery pattern or a polka dot pattern. There are a variety of sizes available to take your little girl right up through toddlerhood.

When you want only the best for your little one, you can rely on the reviews provided by other parents. These are the hats that they use on their little ones to protect and shield them from the sun. Shouldn’t you consider trusting them for your little one as well? Both boys and girls look cute in any of these beautiful hats for infants and you cannot go wrong with choosing to follow the advice from other parents in the top 10 best baby sun hats in 2017 reviews.

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