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Best Ankle HolsterTraditionally, the best ankle holster is considered practical only for secondary firearms (or, in some cases, a third or fourth firearm). This backseat position to shoulder, chest, hip and thigh holsters is due to the fact that there are fewer places that a gun can be carried that are less convenient than at the ankles.

The Problem with Ankle Holsters

From a draw perspective, an Ankle Holster provides nearly no benefit in terms of speed or stealth, and retrieving weapons from these down low rigs can take more time than getting one out of a glove box.But, the problems with foot friendly rigs don’t stop there. Even the best ankle holster may provide some jiggle issues while running or moving about.

Because of the constant motion that comes with moving around, it’s not uncommon for the rigs to slide, shift and tug. Another problem that is commonly cited in Ankle Holsters reviews is comfort and wear. The ankle can be an awkward place to put the weight of a gun and even the lightest of weighted rigs, and some users find the entire situation uncomfortable.

The Solution

So, why are Ankle Holsters still available? What purpose do they serve? Well, anyone who has attempted to draw a weapon while sitting will quickly understand their benefit. When worn on the inside of the leg opposite the dominant hand, the draw from an ankle based holster can be faster and more fluid than those in other locations on the body. If you consider the logistics of retrieving a weapon from a hip mounted holster while sitting, it’s very easy to see how a holster at the ankle can be beneficial in these cases and everyday situations like driving.

There is another benefit that many people don’t consider, and it’s not until someone mentions it in an Ankle Holsters review or on a blog or forum that people realize the hidden benefits of these bottom dwelling rigs. If there is concern about a weapon being taken or stolen, the risk can be substantially lessened with the use of an Ankle Holsters. A gun is rather easily snatched from a hip holster or shoulder rig, and of course guns worn on the outside of the thigh are an easy target for enemies or thieves.

However, it would take a superior level of cunning to somehow finagle a weapon from the inside ankle of a would-be victim.And, therein lies the beauty of Ankle Holsters. They provide optimal concealment and are a fantastic option for a back up weapon. In situations where sitting or driving is involved, guns in ankle rigs can quickly switch roles and serve as a primary weapon should the need arise.

Basic Benefits

They are ideal for situations where sitting or driving is expected and best when running or long periods of walking is limited Weapons carried in them are much harder to steal

Choosing the Right Holsters

There are a wide variety of ankle holsters available from nearly as wide a range of manufacturers and so many ankle holster reviews. The key traits to focus on when making a decision purchase are comfort and security. Various materials used in the production of ankle holsters contribute to how comfortable the rig is during wear, and it’s also important to factor in the size, make and manufacturer of the intended weapon or weapons to be used.

Top 10 Best Ankle Holster of 2017 Comparison


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Best Ankle Holster Brands

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT and P32

Galco Ankle Lite   Newer to the market and considered an updated follow up to the popular Ankle Glove model, the Ankle Lite from Galco capitalizes on the success of their Concealed Carry Lite family of products, boasting the same popular combination of Velcro straps and neoprene that popularized the line.

Users of previous Galco Ankle Holsters products will be familiar with the fit and feel of the Ankle Lite. The internal lining is fitted with sheepskin, making for an almost luxurious, comfortable experience. The fit doesn’t just translate to feel however; one of the more popular praises of the best ankle holster for ruger lcp comes from those with less than girthy lower limbs, and skinny legged shooters have found that the holster suits them just as well as it does those with larger legs.

While Galco has taken comfort for the wearer into consideration, the weapon the holster secures tends to receive a snug and cozy experience as well. Center cut steelhide comprises the holster that some users, like those looking for a Ruger LCP ankle holster, have found may be a little tight at first. It may seem a nuisance, however it’s perfectly normal. The product is well designed to serve as an LCP ankle holster. The initial tightness some experience is a result of the new leather, and with a bit of use, the snug and secure fit becomes closer to perfect.

High End Quality for Middle of the Line Cost

Finding an expensive Ankle Holsters for Ruger LCP models isn’t difficult. Nor is it a challenge to find a cheap ankle holster for a P32. However, finding a reasonably priced yet still comfortable, functional and durable product is a bit tougher. Galco has combined the quality of premium materials with a price tag that is suitable for most budgets. Priced between $65.00 and $75.00, its cost hovers somewhere between high end and no-frills. The rig itself on the other hand, compromises little, if at all in exchange.

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCR

Ankle Holster for Ruger LCRThe Galco name is a popular one amongst those that are hoping to achieve the most bang for their buck. Known for premium materials and comfort paired with affordable prices, Galco has mastered the art of combining function with form. For those interested in an Ankle Holsters for Ruger LCR models, the Galco Ankle Lite is an excellent choice. Product improvements from the Galco line include a thumb break retention strap, which creates a faster draw.

Size Matters for ankle holsters

While the size of the firearm is important, so is the body part it’s attached to, at least in terms of holsters. The Ankle Lite provides generously in this regard, and is able to comfortably fit ankles up to thirteen inches in circumference. Able to accommodate semi automatic guns and some revolvers with ease, size plays another important role in the function of the Galco Ankle Lite in terms of pants. Yes pants. Many users have found that while looser pants provide the ultimate in concealment, even those who prefer a snugger fitting jean will find the rig virtually undetectable.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that the tighter the pants obviously the more challenging a quick draw will become. The sheepskin lining of the rig make the Ruger LCR ankle holsters for revolvers feel lavish and even fleece like, however there is one component of the leather holster that some find challenging, and that is the break in period. While perhaps a trade of for quality materials, it’s been suggested that it takes a bit longer than expected for guns to mold properly to the holster and fit snugly, but not too tightly. This phenomenon is not uncommon in ankle holsters Ankle Holsters however, and most find that their firearms fit fine from day one with nothing more than added comfort to come down the line as the gun becomes homed in the rig.

In terms of cost, the Galco Lite is a middle of the road option. There are fancier products that cost more, and bargain picks that are half the cost. However, when durability is factored in, the initial sixty five dollar or so purchase price seems more than reasonable. At just one pound, it’s a litghtweight, comfortable rig that pairs neoprene with soft skin hugging materials for all around excellent way to conceal and carry back up firearms.

DeSantis Die Hard Bodyguard 380

Featuring a design and materials that were originally combined to provide a premium product to those commonly in the line of fire, DeSantis has managed to make a tough yet luxurious ankle rig that is comfortable, durable and functional. Made for the S & W Bodyguard .380, the Die Hard ensures that the firearm stays in place with as little notice to the wearer as possible.

Saddle grain leather is most commonly associated with high end upholsteries, but in this case, it’s the adorning material that comprises the piece’s holster. This provides for superior molding and concealment. When combined with the low profile neoprene cover, the result is a lightweight yet durable rig that stays in place without feeling bulky, awkward or uncomfortable.

Options, Options, Options

As if the Bodyguard .380 Ankle Holsters didn’t already sound like a luxury car more than it does a gun holster, there are options that can be added to the piece as well. Buyers can select from both a boot extender and a calf strap in addition to the basic Desantis ankle holster. For many users, the additional items may hold little value and won’t do much else than inflate the holster’s cost. However, many do find that having the boot extender or calf strap can be very useful in certain situations. Regardless of options selected, all buyers benefit from the rig’s fast thumb break for rapid requirement and smooth draw.

Perhaps surprisingly, the DeSantis .380 ankle holster isn’t priced light years ahead of its competitors. In fact, it’s near the mid range level in terms of price. Discount retailers offer up the rig for around fifty dollars (but remember, those options are extra). Designed for durability, comfort and fast action, few ankle rigs compare to the compact and convenient best DeSantis ankle holster.

Fobus Ankle Holsters &W J Frame

Fobus Ankle Holsters

Ankle Holsters are both considered one of the best options for concealment, and one of the worst, depending on attire. The J Frame S &W J Frame Ankle Holsters from Fobus makes this conundrum a bit less challenging. It’s an incredibly flush and low profile option that promises to provide rapid deployment along with submissive retention.

Less Materials Does Not Equal Less Comfort

While sheepskin is a commonly used material for the internal pad linings of ankle holsters, the Fobus option eliminates some bulk by using a suede lined pad inside. This provides for softness without added bulk. This material combination also adds stability to the lightweight rig.

Some users have experienced disappointment with the J-Frame notation given the name of this Ankle Holsters. While considered a J-Frame S&W, the Bodyguard .38 may not work with this holster. It’s worth noting however that some older models may work well with the J frame ankle holster. It’s best to check with the seller of the holster if inquiring about certain weapon makes and models, especially 4” barrels, which can be hit or miss with this rig.

Fobus fans have long been used to the wait times associated with receiving their products from overseas, if applicable. However, for new shoppers, the lead time to receive a holster from Israel may be an unpleasant surprise. It may take a few weeks for the rig to arrive, and in some cases even longer.

The lack of saddle leather and sheepskin mean that the Fobus Ankle Holsters comes with a nominal price tag in comparison to similar products. It averages around forty dollars, which is at the lower end of average prices for quality best Ankle Holsters. However, given the Fobus reputation for longevity and comfort, the price point can be considered an even more reasonable bargain for the rig, as it’s not uncommon for Fobus holsters to last years, even with everyday use.

BLACKHAWK! Ankle Holsters

BLACKHAWK Ankle HolstersThe Blackhawk Ankle Holsters is made from lightweight, soft and durable fabric combined with a comfortable foam pad that makes the rig suitable for long term wear. A retention strap that is free from stretching along with a molded thumb break make the holster feature heavy, although some research may be required to ensure that the right holster is being purchased for a particular firearm.

It’s absolutely essential to check with the manufacturer before buying this Ankle Holsters. Some users have been left disappointed after buying the rig thinking that it would fit their Ruger sr9c, only to find out that a snug fit was not to be found. Since nearly a dozen size options exist, it’s best to identify which is best for the primary weapon that you are planning to secure in the holster.

Unlike many Ankle Holsters, the rig is not pre-molded to one specific gun. As such, many weapons may fit just fine, while others may not be snug or may not fit at all. However, the manufacturer notes that 2” barreled revolvers are suitable.

Luxury Prices Without the Luxury?

The majority of users find the Blackhawk Ankle Holsters to be lightweight and comfortable. However, it lacks some of the higher end materials that other rigs offer. Prices for the best ankle holster vary wildly with size specifications, with the greater range reaching over one hundred dollars.

It can be argued however that with this larger price tag comes greater versatility for a wider range of weapons, making it not a one gun holster. Some users who may want to use the rig with other firearms may find this appealing and a way to add value to the holster’s purchase price.

From fit to price, options are everything when it comes to the best ankle holster from Blackhawk. It can be a bargain buy at twenty bucks and a super spend at over one hundred. Its fabric and foam composition may seem cheap compared to other models; however users find comfort and convenience from the versatile rig of Ankle Holsters.

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