Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

best airbrush makeup kitThe best airbrush makeup kit have been booming in popularity around the world thanks to the advent of High Definition TV and movies. With higher resolution, flaws could no longer just be covered up with layers of spackled-on foundation. The airbrush stepped in to solve this problem and has continued to maintain Hollywood’s beauty image for years.

At one time, though, it was only available to those in the photography and film industry, but has now moved from the studio to the home. In doing so, many companies vied for their share of the home airbrush make-up market, but only a few have truly become successful.

With only several major home airbrush makeup kit makers around (but quite a few minor ones), it still can be a dilemma choosing even the most basic system. As the professional airbrush makeup machines are still moderately expensive, you have to do some research to get the kit that’s right for your needs. The very basic setup should include an air compressor, a stylus/wand, and some beginning foundation shades.

Most will also offer an instructional DVD to get you started, airbrush cleaner and usually a travel case as well. Choosing from the array of the best professional airbrush makeup kit can be just as much about the add-ons as well.


Top 10 Best Airbrush Makeup Kit of 2017 Comparison

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Buying Guide – What’s The Best Airbrush Makeup Kit?

Whats The Best Airbrush Makeup KitIf you answered, “The one that gives me flawless skin!”, then read on. You see, as the home air brush makeup industry has matured, several additional airbrush features have really stuck with users, like tanning and stencils. Some brands work better than others and you should consider if you are actually looking for one specialty or just need an all-in-one makeup machine. Is this for quick, daily use or do you have only special occasions in mind? Are you planning a wedding and are only going to be doing bridal makeup (and bridesmaids)? Just covering blemishes once in the morning or doing the best airbrush foundation for the entire day? Are you looking do this on a semi-professional basis? What about tanning? Costume makeup for all your friends?

What Is The Best Makeup Airbrush Machine Brand?

And it’s not just how you’ll use the machine that needs consideration, either. You’re not only buying the machine, you’re buying into a brand and into a company’s good name. Given the high price, you’ll certainly want to know that you’re getting a good warranty as well. Manufacturers such as Dinair, Temptu and Kett have been around for years and offer a good warranty policy. Luminess has a good return policy but also a great 30-day trial offer that’s certainly worth looking into if you still not 100% sure if airbrushing your makeup is for you.

What about the Makeup?

Here’s where it can get tricky-and expensive. All the major airbrush manufacturers like Graftobian, Stream Cosmetics, and even Tickled Pink offer their own line of bronzers, foundations, blush and concealers to go along with the best airbrush makeup system. And most will not allow you to mix and match from other companies without at least voiding the warranty. Like you, airbrush manufacturers are interested in a rewarding, lifetime relationship between you and their brand. However (unlike you) they would like to see you spend as much as possible. To that end, several offer monthly membership programs that can save you money, but again, it pays to do your homework.

Is Airbrushing My Makeup Really Worth The Hassle?

We feel it is! The translucent radiance you get from a smooth application of the best foundation for airbrush machine just can’t be beat. The fresh, dewy look that airbrushing gives combined with near-perfect blending is the reason the celebs all use it. Makeup airbrushing is more hygenic as there is no applicator re-use, and over time it can actually be less expensive as you use less product. Keeping your airbrush clean is also easier than you think. And, hey, just making your friends jealous thinking you’ve had it professionally done each day is worth it alone.

Without a doubt one of the great benefits associated with a professional airbrush makeup kit is the seamless, near-flawless appearance it will give your complexion. This comes at a price, however, that standard make-up isn’t susceptible to: you have to keep your system clean. All Airbrush cosmetic systems are notorious for getting clogged, particularly if the incorrect type of foundation or moisturizer is used. Luminess, Dinair, Temptu, etc.-all these have their own makeup line-stick to their line until you feel comfortable experimenting. For those new to airbrushing this may appear a little tough to take seriously but if you adhere to a handful of simple steps you can keep your stylus and compressor in great condition for many years.

RTFM: Read the Flippin’ Manual and the airbrush makeup kit reviews

An ideal place to begin is, of course, the manual which came with your best airbrush makeup kit. C’mon, you’ve just spent a considerably large sum of money on the unit and now is the time to resolve to keep it like new. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and do not cut corners. Several systems, for instance, will warn you to only use distilled or filtered h2o rather than tap. Standard water from your faucet carries minerals which include lime scale that may block up your stylus wand over time. If you have ever lived in an area with hard water and checked out the underside of your bathroom faucet, you’ll know what we mean. You do not want that inside of your airbrush!

What Makes up the Makeup?

What Makes up the MakeupAirbrush makeup is made up of two types and 2 cleaning methods: silicone-based and water-based. Naturally, silicone is more challenging to clean. Water-based makeup can easily be removed with filtered or distilled water and rubbing alcohol. There is a product available on the market now which is an enzyme concentrate which will work on both types, though. It is actually non-toxic, ph balanced and made with food-grade ingredients so it is safe to use in your airbrush. Simply google the phrase, “Nurturing Force NF” to find out where you can purchase.

Back Bubbling

Depending on which airbrush kit you settle on each are going to have slight differences, but essentially you want to concentrate on keeping the stylus, or wand, particularly clean. The airbrush wand includes a needle and misting nozzle that are in constant exposure to makeup as well as the cup that holds the droplets. Making use of a little cleaning brush or Q-tip, wipe out residual makeup from the cup. Rinse with distilled water or cleaner by a process known as “back bubbling”. This is the technique used to blend makeup where the trigger is partly pushed causing air to percolate back up into the cup.

If you do this by using only water, the bubbling effect will wash out the airbrush and have a cleaning result. Simply obstruct the mist nozzle of the stylus using your finger and push the trigger which causes air to be introduced through the cup rather than the nozzle. Once you have done this a couple of times, go ahead and unblock the nozzle and spray the rest of the liquid out through the nozzle. Perform repeatedly as necessary. This will completely make sure that any kind of residual makeup is removed.

Airbrush Makeup Stylus Deep Cleaning

To really do a deep cleaning, you will need to concentrate on the needle. Remove it according to your manual and use your enzime cleaner or just distilled water and liquid soap. Work with a soft, lint-free material to keep from left over threads from sticking to the needle. Do not use tissues for this reason as well. You can use a Q-tip dipped in cleaning solution to carefully roll on each side of the needle.

Soaking your airbrush on a regular basis is another good idea, given you continue to avoid tap water. Simply place the stylus inside a nice and clean container and fill up with filtered h2o. Let this sit overnight and any left over makeup is going to be dissolved. Occasionally, you will probably wish to disassemble the stylus for a thorough washing but be careful in resetting the needle correctly. Stick to your maker’s instructions.

In Summary

Stay on top of keeping your airbrush clean and free from clogs and you’ll be sure to get the perfect spray as well as the finest coverage. You do not have to do a deep cleaning of the needle after every use, but getting in the habit of taking care of your investment will save you disappointment later. Airbrush makeup kits are an incredible advance in cosmetics, but they do require a bit more care to ensure they’re always working when you need them.

There are many more topics to cover and we’re just getting started. Our aim is to get you thinking about your needs. For most that have arrived at this site, you are probably just looking for a good replacement system for the daily makeup routine. Our hopes with this site is to provide you with everything you need to know before settling on a brand. When done properly, the best airbrush makeup kit can provide you with that stunning look that maybe you’ve felt has eluded you for years.

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