Best Ab Wheels

Best Ab WheelsNowadays, most men and women dream of having a perfectly sculpted abdomen and the six pack we are all craving for – however, this is often easier said than done as getting a toned abdomen requires a lot of time, dedication of hard work. If you are not a fan of the gym, then you can easily workout at home, whenever you have the time to do it. Here are the top 10 best ab wheels in 2017 that you can use in the privacy of your home:

10. The Core Ab Wheel

This is an abdominal wheel that is designed for the upper body workout and you will get not only the flat and toned abdomen you have always wanted, but also stronger core and arms. This is recommended by major gyms and fitness studios and it can be purchased for only $39.95. The ab wheel is perfect both for beginners and for professionals, it has a compact design for easy storage and it will not slip at all. It will make your body a lot more flexible as well!

9. The Double Ab Roller Wheel

The double ab roller wheel comes with an affordable price of only $12.90 and what makes it different from the single wheel is the fact that it is a lot more stable and perfect for workouts when you are on the go. You can get a shaped abdomen and body by using the double ab roller wheel only for several minutes a day!

8. The Sunny Health And Fitness Exercise Wheel

Designed and manufactured by Sunny Health & Fitness, this is a useful and straightforward exercise wheel that can be bought for only $17.05 on Amazon. The wheel is made from molded plastic disks and it is designed to strengthen your back, your shoulders and your arms while trimming and toning your waistline at the same time.

7. The Big Mike’s Fitness Ab Slider

Designed by Big Mike’s Fitness, this ab slider can be bought for only $29.95 on Amazon and it will tone and firm your abdominal muscles with the help of a compact and well designed roller slide. Also, it has a small size thus being very easy to transport and store, and it will also allow your muscles to quickly and efficiently extend and contract as you push them.

6. The Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

These ultimate body press ab wheels are available in a stylish black color, they can be bought for $60,00 on Amazon and they come with an advanced non-slip grip for extra comfort. The wheel is very lightweight and portable and it will simultaneously strengthen your chest, arms, back and shoulders.

5. The GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel

This is not just any type of ab wheel – it is a special ab wheel provided by GoFit extreme that comes with foot and hand grips as well as a training manual, everything for only $51.94. This is a heavy duty wheel that comes with a soft gripping firm rubber and a training manual that will guide you through all the useful exercises that you can do to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Also, it comes with a special place for secure foot placement.

4. The Black Mountain Dual Stability Ab Wheel Roller

Manufactured by Black Mountain, this is a dual stability ab wheel roller that comes with a price of $18.99 and it will improve your balance and your performance as well. It requires no assembly whatsoever, it has a strong design and it is perfect for developing your upper body.

3. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Manufactured by Perfect Fitness, the Ab Carver Pro costs $39.99 and it is designed to stabilize your movements. It comes with a non slip ergonomic grip that improves your control and its foam knee-pad also made from high density foam for superior comfort. This is perfect for a complete digital workout.

2. The GoFit On A Roll

This is actually a dual exercise wheel by GoFit that can be bought for only $13.11 – it is durable and it helps you train your abdominal muscles in a fast and pleasant way. Also, it comes with comfortable handles that improve your grip while you use the wheel.

1. The Men’s Health Power Ab Wheel

Designed by Men’s Health, this is a powerful ab wheel that can be bought for $14.49 including the shipping costs. It has two wheels for extra stability and molded handles for a safe and secure grip as well.

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