Best 3D TV Glasses

Best 3D TV GlassesEveryone is now going crazy about 3D movies. For a good period of time the only way to see 3D movies was to go to a cinema. Technology changed a bit and the new 3D TVs now offer this type of entertainment for every household. They work using the same technology as cinemas and need special glasses to work. All of them come with the required glasses but most of the times they offer only two pairs of glasses. Having friends come over to watch a movie it not really an option unless additional 3D TV glasses are purchased. They are not that expensive but when it comes to eyewear a bit of attention is required in order to purchase a product that is built well and feels comfortable. Here are the top 10 best 3D TV glasses in 2017 reviews.

10. RealD Circular Polarized 3D Glasses

The RealD Circular Polarized 3D Glasses is a decent pair of 3D glasses that should work with almost all smart TVs. Because they are passive they do not require charging and can work will almost all passive 3D TVs. They can even work in traditional 3D theaters. The build quality is quite decent and they are light. Even after using them for hours they will not feel heavy and cause much discomfort or eye fatigue. The set includes 10 adult size black glasses and 2 additional ones that come in pink and blue. Due to their construction they can be used by both adults and children.

9. True Depth 3D® Firestorm XL Premium Quality DLP-LINK Rechargeable 3D Glasses

The True Depth 3D glasses were designed to be used with almost any DLP 3D TV. This particular model was built to offer a more inexpensive solution for the ones that need additional glasses for their TV. For the most part they work quite well and do not feel heavy when used for several hours. They have a built-in rechargeable battery and come in a pack of 4. True Depth made sure that they are well built, comfortable and light so that they can provide a superior viewing experience.

8. Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D HDTV Starter Pack

The Mitsubishi 3DC glasses were mainly built to work with their products but they do come with an adapter to make them compatible with other 3D Smart TVs. The adapter itself comes with a remote and it is easy to set up. Like most other 3D glasses they have a built-in battery and a full charge should be enough to watch several movies at once. The kit includes 2 pairs of glasses, the adapter, the charger and a few extras such as a DVD with trailers.

7. 3DTV Corp® 3D Window® DLP LINK 3D Glasses

3DTV Corp is a smaller manufacturer of 3D TV glasses. Their Window model is compatible with almost all DLP TVs regardless of their brand. Even if they come with a battery they are light and well built. Even after multiple hours of usage they will not feel heavy or cause eye fatigue. The lens used offer superior image quality with no ghosting and no tinting. It is an inexpensive product that proves to be a great alternative to the standard 3D glasses that can two times more money.

6. VWP The Vantage Stylish Universal 3D Passive Glasses

The VWP 3D glasses were built to provide a stylish alternative for the ones that need a pair of passive 3D glasses. They are compatible with most passive 3D TVs and do not need to be recharged. Because they are passive, the absence of a battery makes the extremely light and offers much more freedom in terms of design. The manufacturers makes them look like a normal pair of glasses which adds more value to the product.

5. SainSonic Zodiac B921 Series Universal Button Battery Powered 3D Active Shutter Glasses

The SainSonic glasses were made to work with most 3D TVs. It does not work with all of them but as long as the manufacturer is in their compatibility list they should perform more than decent. They have a small rechargeable battery included and has an uptime of about 100 hours. Manufacturers also included a battery life check function that makes it easier to see when they need to be recharged.

4. SainSonic SSZ-200DLB 3D IR Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses

The SainSonic SSZ 3D glasses use infrared technology to render 3D images. It is compatible with most 3D TVs that use IR instead of Bluetooth which is more convenient since IR is more popular. The glasses include a rechargeable battery and can offer an uptime of almost 50 hours. They can be charged using an USB cable and it takes just 3 hours to replenish the battery. The glasses were built to be light and do not put any pressure on the ears even when used to watch multiple movies in a row.

3. Xpand X104MX1 YOUniversal 3D Glasses

The Xpand use active 3D technology which makes them compatible with almost all DLP TVs. Even if they have a battery built-in the glasses are fairly light and comfortable to wear. The model comes in white and are quite inexpensive even if they are sold in packs on one. In terms of build quality the glasses are made of plastic like all other products but they feel more sturdy and better built.

2. True Depth 3D® NEW Firestorm LT Lightweight Rechargeable DLP link 3D Glasses

The True Depth 3D Firestorm LT are probably the most comfortable to wear active 3D glasses. They use a rechargeable battery and can be compatible with DLP TVs as well. Even if they have a battery the glasses are extremely light and comfortable. At the same time they are extremely affordable and come in a pack of 4.

1. True NXG Technology NX-3DG Infrared Active Shutter 3D Glasses

The NXG are probably the best third party 3D glasses that money can buy. They were built to be compatible with most TVs that support infrared. The battery can hold enough power to give the glasses an average runtime per charge of about 70 hours. It also comes with an intelligent on/off function that can extend the battery. The glasses with shut off on their own if the infrared signal is cut off for 5 minutes. In terms of build quality the glasses do not disappoint as they are well made, sturdy and light.

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