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Baby Color Monitor Review

Baby Color Monitor ReviewLet’s start this baby color monitor review by saying that Fisher-Price is one of the most trusted companies in the manufacturing of products for babies. Most of the already reviewed products from the company have ranked very high in the reviews thanks to the great interest that the brand puts when creating new products.

This Fisher-Price Musical Digital Color Video Baby Monitor with Remote Control is one of the newest additions to their products’ line. They wanted to create a new baby device with more musical sounds and songs to distract the baby when his parents were not with him and they surely accomplished the mission; the device comes with several sounds to choose from so the parents can have different options for their baby.

The monitor’s dimensions are 6.2 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches (the screen is a LED 2.4’’) and its weight is 2 pounds so it is slightly heavier and bigger than other baby monitors but it surely includes great characteristics that add up on its weight. Although the monitor doesn’t have more than one channel, it has two different views (black and white, and color) for the different times of the day where colors are not required. Compared to the audio specifications of this device, the video ones are not as good and surely make it less interesting for parents who would rather see their baby than entertain him with sounds.

What is great about the Fisher-Price baby monitor is that the handset, also called parental unit, is very complete and is also comes with a LCD screen in colors. The parents can also control all the sounds that the baby device makes, choose different ones, switch it on and off, schedule sounds and alarms, etc. The list of possibilities with this device is really amazing, but unfortunately it only focuses on the audio characteristics of the baby monitor.

What is really interesting about this baby color monitor review is that most parents didn’t like it at all and they felt like it was lacking some features compared to products from the same brand, which it’s quite a surprise, considering how well-considered Fisher Price is. Some of the complaints were about the quality of the camera which would freeze and not send video signal and that it was also not the most noise sensitive baby monitor in the market. It was also mentioned that it is not really easy to use for the first time and it is hard to get the hang of it; however, once you know how it works, it almost never fails to deliver.

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