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Anolon 52588 Advanced 15-Piece Knife Set with Block

indexAs a cooking instructor and a housewife I do more than my share of cooking and I must say I highly recommend the Anolon 52588 Advanced 15-Piece Knife Set with Block. I have been using these knives for several months now and I must say I am still impressed with how good the edge is, but with how well they work. These high quality knives are super sharp coming right out of the box, but the sharpness seems to last forever.

Included in this set of high quality knives consumers will find a 8 inch bread, 7 inch Santoku, 5 inch serrated utility, 3.5 inch parer, 8 inch chef, a 8 inch slicer and six 5 inch steak knives, plus kitchen shears. One of the best things about the steak knives is that they are not serrated like most steak knives, and despite not being serrated they easily cut through any piece of eat, even the toughest flank steak. All of the knives included in this knife set can be housed in a drawer in in the birch wood block that comes with the set. I prefer the wood block because it keeps the edges honed, but also looks nice on my counter top.Pros:Easy To Maintain – I love how easy these knives are to clean. Many knife manufacturer’s claim their knives can be placed inside the dishwasher, but the problem with that is it ruins the knives overtime. To maintain these knives all I have to do is wash them in hot water with a mild detergent.

 Ice Hardened German Steel  – These knives are made from high quality German Steel, which adds to the strength of the blade. However, what truly makes these blades as strong as they are is the ice-hardened steel. This process not only makes the blades stronger, but also allows the blades to keep the sharp edge even longer. So far after several months of use I have found this process to truly work in maintaining this sharp edge.

 SureGrip Handles – The SureGrip Handles are made from Santoprene to help give them the nonslip grip, which is nice when cutting for a long piece of time. I no longer have to worry about the knife slipping out of my hands due to sweaty palms. The handles are also ergonomically designed to provide not only a comfortable grip, but also a soft grip, which both of these help prevent my hands from getting tired while cutting.

 Sharpening Steel – One thing that comes included with this knife set is a sharpening steel, which not every knife set has one. This to me is the best tool to have in the kitchen for knives because it allows the edge to be perfectly honed. Honing the edge doesn’t mean sharpening the blades it simply means realign the blade to get the perfect cut without crushing or butchering the food you are slicing. Cons:Rust Spots – One thing that I noticed on the blades was a few rust spots on the surface. This is nothing to get alarmed about as many people with hard water have had this happen. It was easy to get rid of, I simply used some stainless steel wool on the blade, brushing very lightly. I haven’t had any problems since that first episode and have found washing and drying the knives directly to help reduce the chance of rust.

 No Rivets – One thing that I really like about other knife sets is that the handles seem to be a lot better because of the rivets. My husband is very heavy handed and has broken numerous knives due to no rivets being in the handle. However, I decided to take a chance with these knives because I liked the way they felt in my hands, they seemed hefty and durable.

When looking for knife sets I ran across the OXO Good Grips, which were being offered at a very comparable price, what I had to do was decide between the two knife sets. Both of these sets are high quality sets, but they have quite a few differences. One of the biggest differences between the two sets is the handles, the OXO Good Grips have a soft rubber like handle, while the Anolon 52588 has a harder plastic handle. Another difference between these two sets is the steak knives, the Anolon 52588 set has steak knives where the blade turns into the handle, where as the OXO Good Grips have a distinct handle.

While both of these knife sets have their differences they also have many similarities, one being that they both come with a sharpening steel and kitchen shears. Other similarities is in the knives that come included with the set. However, I had to make a choice and I opted for the Anolon 52588 because I simply liked how they looked and felt when compared to the OXO Good Grips.

Anolon Advanced Stainless Steel 15-Piece Knife Set with Block
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Anolon Advanced Stainless Steel 15-Piece Knife Set with Block
  • Set includes 8-inch chef, 8-inch bread, 8-inch slicer, 7-inch Santoku, 5-inch serrated utility, 3.5-inch parer, 10-inch sharpening steel, six 5-inch steak knives, and kitchen shears
  • Full tang construction, ice-hardened stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomically designed, elegant polished stainless steel handles for a sure, confident grip
  • Housed in a modern gray and stainless steel block
  • Hand wash with mild cleanser; lifetime warranty

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