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ActiveCare Wildcat Spirit Folding Power Wheelchair Review

ActiveCare Wildcat Spirit Folding Power Wheelchair ReviewThe ActiveCare Wildcat Spirit Folding Power Wheelchair is relatively lightweight and also an extremely maneuverable powered wheelchair, which is designed to cater to individuals of up to 300 lbs. A traditional style, rear wheel driven wheelchair, the Wildcat has quite a tight turn radius of only 32″. This makes it easy to maneuver and simple to negotiate slopes, obstacles and even particularly narrow spaces inside as well as outside the home. Both the wheelchair and the battery bracket fold up to a very compact 13” in width, which allows easy handling as well as transportation. It also features a new programmable and adjustable controller, which has a huge variety of selections for multiple user essentials plus additional requirements.

Price and main features list

  • • a high 300 lbs. user weight capacity for heavy adults,
  • • an estimated range of up to 20 miles,
  • • the ability to negotiate ramps of up to 12° maximum incline,
  • • a variable speed of between 0 and 4 mph,
  • • a seat width of 20?,
  • • a seat depth of 16?,
  • • an adjustable position controller,
  • • an adjustable height,
  • • flip-up armrests to facilitate side entry and exit,
  • • a tight 32? turning radius,
  • • easy swing-away footrests,
  • • additional safety equipment including hand brake, reflectors and horn,
  • • a 5 year warranty on the frame,
  • • a 3 year warranty on the seat,
  • • a 1 year warranty on the motor and electronics,
  • • a 6 month warranty on the battery,

Who is it for?

It would be ideal for heavier adults, especially those with balance problems as it is very solid on the ground. It would also suit those who require access to quite narrow places and it has great maneuverability as well as being able to travel up to 20 miles on one battery charge.

Pros and cons

The weight of the Wheelchair without the battery is only 92 lbs. Add the battery in, 48 lbs. and the total weight of the chair is around 140 lbs. The front tires are foam filled, 8” in diameter and 2” in width and the rear tires, which are also foam filled, are 12.5” in diameter and 2.25” in width. This powerful wheelchair is able to travel at speeds of up to 4 mph and negotiate steep grades of up to 12 degrees.

The adjustable pieces are easily detached for traveling and storage. It is an ideal machine for those longer trips of up to 20 miles. This wheelchair handles very well indeed and fits in quite tight places. The seat in this unit is so comfortable you may well use it to watch TV at home.

Why should you buy it?

You should purchase it if you need to do longer excursions. It is comfortable enough for long term travelling about and the 20” wide seat can easily handle an adult of up to 300 lbs. High performance and minimal maintenance costs mean that this electric powered wheelchair is a very practical solution when extended mobility is essential.


A solid but very maneuverable wheelchair, and one well able to handle large adults. This one is good for longer journeys of up to 20 miles and can maintain a speed of four mph.

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