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ActiveCare Wildcat Folding Power Wheelchair Review

ActiveCare Wildcat Folding Power Wheelchair ReviewThe ActiveCare Wildcat Folding Power Wheelchair is an easily dis-assembled and folded rear wheel driven powered wheelchair which is both affordable and durable. The Wildcat folds down to a very narrow 13” width, making both storage and transport simple. By easily disconnecting and removing the two batteries, you just need to remove the seat cushion to allow the chair’s sides to be pulled towards each other. The backrest will then fold down if necessary.

It has a lightweight frame, which is made of steel. The foam padded seat cushion is included, and the oversized and padded armrests, have an adjustable height and can flip up allowing for simple transfers as well as easy access for the user.

Price and main features list

  • • a lightweight steel built frame which can be folded down to just 13? wide for easy storage and portability,
  • • a programmable controller which comes with common connectors, making for easy servicing and set up, can be personalized for individuals with special needs,
  • • flat free, non-marking tires, which means no servicing is required,
  • • manual wheel safety locks, which offer extra safety and security,
  • • an easy clutch operation, which allows the wheelchair simple access to free wheel mode, helpful during transport or storage,
  • • rear anti-tip safety wheels,
  • • easily adjustable height for the armrests, which means easy adaptability to the size of the user,

Who is it for?

It would suit large people well and is better for longer journeys where narrow doorways are not going to be an issue.

Pros and cons

A fully adjustable length controlling mount could be fixed to either right or left armrest. Swingaway foot rests are easily flipped up and out of a user’s way, as well as being fully height adjustable. The nylon seat cushion and seat back upholstery, allows a more porous seating surface, automatically reducing the buildup of moisture and heat. A calf strap is able to add extra support for the legs if required, and a pretty much standard positioning safety belt gives the user added security.

The portability of the wheelchair is a plus and apparently airlines approve of the way it dismantles. The battery life and the range are both great features of the Folding Wildcat Powerchair. The wildcat is strong and well made to boot.

This wheelchair has great maneuverability, a good speed and a great range. When broken down one piece of the wildcat weighs 92 lbs, too heavy for many people to lift into a vehicle without a ramp. Connecting the power cables when assembling is almost impossible to do without kneeling. The width of this wheelchair could be an issue to some users as there are many doorways which will be a tight fit. There is no key lock by the power switch to prevent theft.

Why should you buy it?

Buy it when tight spaces are not an issue and you have relatively long trips to undergo.


The Wildcat is a good solid chair with a handy top speed and a good range/charge. Check through the minor issues mentioned above in order to be sure none present an insurmountable problem. All in all Active Care Wildcat Folding Power Wheelchair is a pretty good wheelchair.

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