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Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair Review

Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair ReviewThe Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair sets the bar at a new record height and resets the standards for rear wheel driven power chairs. It has new, modern styling and now has a 350 lb. weight capacity; this one is for the big boys, and girls. The Medalist combines style and comfort with practicality, making handling everyday mobility activities just a breeze, by using its small turning radius and overall width to fit through quite narrow spaces. The variable position controller allows you to place it in the most comfortable position for you, and the deluxe captain’s chair has an adjustable angled backrest, easy flip up armrests, a swiveling seat and it’s available in either 18or 20 inch widths.

Introducing the new gold standard in rear wheel drive power chairs! The Medalist sports new, modern styling and a 300 pound weight capacity. practicality and comfort with style! The Medalist makes handling daily mobility activities a breeze thanks to its tight turning radius and an overall width that fits into narrow spaces. The adjustable position controller lets you place it where most comfortable for you. And the deluxe Captains Seat features an adjustable angle backrest, flip-up armrests, a swivel seat and is available in 18″ and 20″ widths.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed 4 mph
  • Estimated Range 20 miles
  • Maximum Grade/Incline 12 degrees
  • Turning Radius 31″
  • Ground Clearance 3″
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Length 37″
  • Width 24″
  • Height 42″
  • Seat Dimensions
  • Width 18″/20″
  • Depth 18″
  • Back 29″
  • Armrest to Seat 7″
  • Power
  • Motor Two 24V x 320W x 4600 rpm
  • Controller Dynamic A 50 A
  • Batteries Two DC12V x 36AH
  • Battery Charger 5 Amp, Offboard
  • Brakes Electromagnetic
  • Freewheel Mode Yes
  • Tires (Foam-Filled)
  • Front Casters: 8″ x 2″
  • Rear Drive Wheels: 10″ x 3″
  • Weights
  • Total Weight (w/o battery) 143 lbs.
  • Battery pack 48 lbs.
  • Speed and range will vary according to user weight, terrain, battery charge/condition and tire pressure.
  • This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser/user of our products. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.
  • Warranty: Five Years: Base frame
  • Three Years: Seat frame
  • 12 Months: Electronic controllers
  • Motor and Brake (electronic function only) and Charger and Any other electrical subassembly
  • 6 Months: Batteries

Price and main features list

  • • a 300 lb. weight capacity,
  • • up to 20 miles estimated range,
  • • a variable speed of zero to four mph,
  • • a turning radius of only 31?,
  • • flip-up armrests for easy exit and entry,
  • • armrests with fully adjustable width, height and angle,
  • • Programmable controller with common connectors, which are easy to service and set up, and can be personalized for individuals with special needs.
  • • An adjustable length controller mount, which can be affixed to either the left or right armrest and can be fitted with an optional swing-away arm for additional flexibility.
  • • Flat-free, non-marking tires, which offer worry-free travel.
  • • motor assemblies offering easy clutching, allowing the wheelchair to be put into free wheel mode, for storage or transport,
  • • rear anti-tip safety wheels,
  • • a five year warranty on the base frame,
  • • a three year warranty on the seat frame,
  • • a six month warranty on the batteries,
  • • a 12 month warranty on electronic controllers,

Who is it for?

It is suitable for a user right up to 350 lbs. has good maneuverability and a long range.

Pros and cons

The maximum speed is set at 4 mph and the estimated range is a fantastic 20 miles. The maximum Incline angle negotiable is 12 degrees and the turning radius is only 31″. The ground clearance is 3″ and the overall length is 37″, the width 24″ and the height 42″. Active Care Medalist Power Wheelchair features two 24V motors with 320W and two 12VDC Batteries, which hold 36AH, as well as a five amp battery charger. Both range and speed will vary, depending on the weight of the user, the terrain being travelled over, the tire pressure and the battery condition.

Overall, the Active Care Medalist is very solidly built. The Captain’s chair is comfortable and the back adjustment works well. The maneuverability of this wheelchair is great.

Why should you buy it?

You’d buy it if you needed it for longer trips, and it would especially suit large people who need a wheelchair with plenty of power and very good maneuverability.


This great wheelchair is a solid blend of both comfort and practicality, and is easy to control, with a great range/charge and a good top speed of four mph. It has a nifty turning ability and is narrow enough to fit through even quite narrow doorways.

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