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A Bathroom Dehumidifier – Why You Might Need One

Having a bathroom dehumidifier can be essential to protecting your health and preventing damage to the structure of your home. High bathroom humidity can cause moisture to accumulate inside walls resulting in wood rot and mold growth. Without a bathroom dehumidifier to lower bathroom moisture levels your family might be breathing in mold spores and bacteria that can cause health problems. A small dehumidifier for bathroom not only helps to get rid of mold it also can save you the cost and effort of repairing structural damage done to your home.

If the moisture stays around for a few hours after bathing or taking a shower you probably have a high humidity problem in your bathroom. This can lead to serious health problems and result in costly repairs.

You may have already seen black mold growing under the rim of the toilet or in the corners of your shower. This is the result of excessive humidity in the bathroom.

Because most bathrooms are smaller than other rooms in your home you may want to look for a small dehumidifier for bathroom since a full sized dehumidifier may not easily fit. When choosing a bathroom dehumidifier you might want to look at small dehumidifiers and mini dehumidifiers that are made to fit into small tight spaces. A large sized dehumidifier may be appropriate for bigger bathrooms

Problems That A Bathroom Dehumidifier Can Help You Avoid:

  • High humidity in a bathroom can cause mildew damage to clothing if a closet is directly next to the bathroom
  • Condensation on bathroom windows can cause mold and mildew to grow and cause wood rot for wooden areas. High bathroom humidity can cause wood rot in bathroom floors close to tubs and under the shower leading to expensive repairs.
  • With high relative humidity in the bathroom toilet tanks and walls sweat creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow. Even if you cannot see mold it may still be present and affect your health which is why a bathroom dehumidifier can be helpful in reducing bathroom humidity and eliminating microscopic mold spores.
  • High bathroom humidity also assists the growth of ecoli and staph. If you have carpet in your bathroom that be a breeding place for mold and allergens, especially if your bathroom tends to have high humidity.
  • If you don’t’ have a bathroom dehumidifier it may be helpful to keep bathroom doors open to reduce humidity although this may only be slightly effective. The proper bathroom dehumidifier will keep the humidity under control in the bathroom.
  • If you are looking for areas in your bathroom that may have mold look under the sink, under toilet bowls, around the bathtub and shower area.

With so many choices of dehumidifiers in the market place it can be a confusing process. For reviews and information to help you pick a bathroom dehumidifier we invite you to read the reviews on this site.

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