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15 Essential Things Your Baby Needs

Newborn Baby Checklist: No job in this world is harder than being a parent. When baby comes in this world, it’s needs are unknown by many of you, specially if you are first time parent. As the time passes, you start to learn that even baby is very small, your expenditure on it will get higher.

However, with proper pre-planning, you can set up all the basic needs of your baby before it comes to this world. It’s great if you purchase all these things before the birth, so that you will get more time with your baby instead of rushing out to the mall to purchase these things. Here we have highlighted some important things that you need for your baby.

The below mentioned things are listed for the babies that are newly born as well as the list is extended to the time when your baby starts crawling. So while making your specialized shopping take into consideration the age of your baby.

1. Baby’s clothes:

Baby’s everyday wear clothing should be comfortable, soft and durable. The cloths for new born should include bodysuits, some cotton singlets, some comfortable jackets or sweaters, jumpers, few pairs of socks and some caps.

2. Diapers:

For first few weeks you will need them a lot make sure that you have an extra stock of diapers already before bringing baby home. A new born may require 10-12 diapers a day on an average for first few weeks and if you are thinking about cost cutting you could also go for cloth diapers.

3. Swaddle Blankets:

Newborn like the warm feeling of swaddling and blankets provide the same. To provide that extra comfort to baby as like mother’s womb swaddle blanket should be on priority of your shoppping list.

4. Car seats:

You will require car seats at the very moment when you get the discharge from hospital. But while purchasing the car seats for baby you should keep in mind that it should be comfortable and fullfills all the safety standards also.

5. Breast Pump:

If you are a working woman and most of the time you are away from home then breast pump is the most important equipment for you. It will be helpful on nursing your baby even in your absence.

6. Baby Stroller:

Whenever you want to take baby outside the house, the comfortable and tough baby stroller is must have equipment for you.

7. Baby Carrier:

If you want to be close to your baby while roaming outside or wants to provide him the security and comfort of your body then you can opt for baby carrier. With the help of bay carrier you will be able to navigate easily even through crowd. The best part of baby carrier is that your hands will be free while your baby is embrace against your body.

8. Bedding sets:

For first few weeks your baby tend to sleep more than 16 hours a day so to choose a comfortable cradle or basinet is important unless you want to sleep him with yourself but for that also you will need a mattress with waterproof protector.

9. Bath Tub & Accessories:

So it’s time for a baby bath, you will need a good bath tub so that you can comfortably bath your baby. It will also provide an extra support for your baby while bathing.

As baby’s skin is much more sensitive than adults, you need to consider the natural base toiletries for your baby’s bath. Nowadays there are multiple options are available in market for baby’s toiletries you can choose from that. You will also need baby shampoo, bath towel and nail clippers as they are much safer than scissors. If your baby is enough grown to sit by himself, you can also buy a bath seat.

10. Baby Stroller

The most important thing that you can’t afford to miss. With Baby stroller in your hand, you’ll find it very easy to keep all the necessary things of baby along with you. The stroller come along with various features and it work as safehouse of your baby. You can carry it along with you anywhere without troubles. You can read our article regarding choosing best baby stroller for baby’s need.

11. Nappy bag:

While roaming out as much as stroller is the important thing so it is a nappy bag. Nappy bag should be big enough to carry the all essential items of baby it must have separate compartments to keep the various baby products. A good diaper bag should allow you to keep everything in order and should have a changing mat and a bottle holder.

12. Play gym:

As baby love to watch the colorful hanging toys and will never get bored of it. The multicolored activity gym should also be the part of your purchase for your new born baby. Your baby will love this.

13. Chewing Toys:

Chewing toys or teether is also one of the major tools you need to purchase for your baby. Such chewing toy should be baby friendly and should not harm baby’s gentle gums. It must be made from non-toxic material.

You must sterilize your teether before and after giving it to your baby.

14. Baby bouncer seat

Baby loves bouncing so a bouncer seat is also an important purchase. A good bouncer seat should have sturdy design with an adjustable back.

15. High Chair:

You will need this kind of chair when your baby is ready to sit while eating. You can either go for traditional high chair but it requires a lot of place so you have another option for clip on chair. The high chair will provide an extra security to you toddler while having food.

Stay with us as we keep you updated with the reviews on various baby products and tips for parenting.

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